What if you were the house pet to a family of aliens?

That’s the premise of Fantastic Planet (1973). It’s an animated French film that—by today’s standards—is lacking in the special effects department. However, it’s the cartoonish quality of the film that contains the appeal; it’s downright creepy. The film is a sci-fi classic.


The plot centers around a human child that’s taken captive by a race of aliens. The child becomes the house pet to a high-ranking alien family. During this time, the child is treated like we often treat our pets—with abusive indifference. In that way, the movie is more effective than PETA; it presents a terrifying reality…the world of an abused and powerless animal.

The movie also touches on the idea of captivity. Do we unconsciously enslave the things we love? Do we respect them, or do they merely serve our personal needs? Like any good movie, the questions arise…

I don’t encourage marijuana. However, if you’re going to smoke, I recommend that you watch Fantastic Planet. It’s like peanut butter and jelly.

Two thumbs up to this movie.

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