That’s the gist of the Peanuts cartoon, “A Convertible and a Lake.” Charlie Brown is prompted with a question by Peppermint Patty: “What do you think the secret of living is?” Charlie Brown’s response is complicated:

“The secret of happiness is to own a convertible and a lake. If the sun shines, you can ride around in your convertible. If it rains, you can say, ‘At least the rain will fill up my lake…”

Enter Snoopy. Patty gives him the same question, but Snoopy responds by kissing her on the nose. They scuttle away, leaving Charlie Brown to his confusion. Patty then scoffs at how silly Charlie Brown is.

A simple message, beautifully put: Everybody wants to be with the joyful, to be around those that are filled with love. Nobody wants to be around people that are confused – not even the confused.

It’s better to be simple and happy than complicated and miserable.


4 thoughts on “It’s Better to Be Simple and Happy Than Complicated and Miserable

  1. Sir, Sergeant Sorcerygod reporting for duty, as requested.

    You are now a permanent member of Sorcbutterflies. The general (also Sorcerygod, funnily enough — holding two ranks at once is enough to make one dizzy, but not me) extends his congratulations.

    But I have a slight problem.

    I want to copy your article on positivism (which I am one zillion percent in agreement with), but I can’t copy your chosen images. If you want me to start spreading your ideas to Sorcbutterflies, you’re going to have to email me a copy of your links. I can do the copying and pasting — just tell me where you found your images.

    When you do this, I’ll post your work to Sorcbutterflies.

    By the way, we finally got another commentator, Night Sky Radio. He has his own site WITHOUT the WordPress appellation, though it’s their software he’s using, of course. I project rapid growth of Sorcbutterflies — and therefore of Major Styles.wordpress, as well.

    Anyway, email me your Snoopy links and I’ll mirror-post your article to Sorcbutterflies.

    My NEW e-mail address is:

    I’ll try and post it within 2 days.

    *Sorcerygod clicks his black-heels in the German fashion, and his pale self drifts out the door toward Destiny . . .*


    I wrote a Butterfly-Writer biography for you on my website. But I am not sure about the details. I put that you were in the Air Force and that you’re of German background, but I’m guessing based on what you’ve said and your name as it appeared in one email to me.

    If you want to write your own two-paragraph bio, I’ll post it in the DNA section of my site at the top. If you could, please add that to the Snoopy links section.

    This is fun! Coordinating whole projects across the Internet is a marvel of technology and human organization.

    Though I’d prefer to be a god, and not a mere man .. . *cloak swirling, SOrcerygod GONE*

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