From Christina Aguilera: “I am beautiful, no matter what they say…words can’t bring me down.”


Nice try…but no. There’s nothing inherently good or evil about you—you’re an unshaped piece of clay. What you do with that clay determines your beauty.

Some questions to ponder if you’re concerned about your “beauty”:

  • Do you work out and watch what you eat? Or are you an obese slob?
  • Do you treat people with respect? Or are you a conniving witch?
  • Do you have lofty goals? Or are you content with being a passive spectator to life?
  • Do you honor your husband and friends? Or are you a mean-spirited louse?

Beauty is not an appendage that everyone has, like an arm or leg. It’s more lofty, more elusive. It requires work, wisdom and patience. It requires the acknowledgement of pretty lies and the courage to fight them. It requires you to be stronger than you’ve ever been. And when you’re triumphant, you’ll find the winner’s circle to be very small.

To quote Nietzsche: All great, all beautiful things can never be common property.

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