What Should I Order at a Spanish Restaurant?

What Should I Order at a Spanish Restaurant?

Spanish food has made its way to the United States with mixed reviews. Some people love the tasty tapas—tiny morsels that melt in your mouth. However, other people detest the idea of paying top dollar for what are, essentially, a series of appetizers. My father once told the waiter at a Spanish restaurant, “When’s the meal coming?” Many Americans would agree.

I’m a big fan of Spanish food, so I have to chime in. Let me suggest an approach…


That’s your starting point. A nice jug of Sangria with assorted chucks of fruit. That’s the perfect way to start off your meal, and it’s mandatory for any Spanish restaurant worth that its salt. Nothing cools the palate like that first gulp of cold Sangria.



I recommend the Jamón ibérico. Note that there should be a Jamonero (a woden device that holds the ham) on the counter – this is mandatory. The waiter will shave pieces from it, providing you with a gateway into the swine’s paradise. Remember that Jamon is not just a Spanish food; it’s a national obsession.


Main Dish

Go with the garlic octopus. Now most Americans are weary of octopus; truth be told, they’d rather chew on a rubber band for half an hour. But that’s because they’ve never experienced a well-cooked octopus: tender, moist, melting in your mouth. Placed atop a bed of rice, and you have a work of perfection. Be sure to wash it down with the Sangria, which is now melting down perfectly in the glass.



Save room. I recommend a flan that’s been chilled in the cooler and doused with caramel sauce. Remember that you want to experience all parts of your Spanish meal, so this is no time to count calories! Let yourself enjoy the flan and worry about it later.


So there you go…a small introduction to Spanish food. I am on my way to lunch as we speak, and it will be Spanish food. So today I’m putting my money where my mouth is—literally.

Bon Appétit!

Four Ways to Avoid Being Scammed for a Green Card

Four Ways to Avoid Being Scammed for a Green Card

American men are looking for foreign women. Unfortunately, feminism has created a toxic environment in our country and many men are opting for Plan B.  It’s now cliché to see an American man walking the streets with a younger (and skinnier) woman from the Asian Pacific. I myself have a foreign wife.

But there’s another side to the story. I’ve seen too many men fall prey to a duplicitous foreign woman. The bait is so tempting…genuine femininity, which most American men are starved for. She loves to cook, to dress nice, to wear high heels. She embraces her femininity to his delight. And before you know it, he falls like a house of cards in the eye of Hurricane Matthew. But then comes the bad news—she wants a divorce and she’s going her own way (usually to a foreign embassy to start the green card process).

So what to do? Well, nothing is 100% iron clad. But I have a few tips that can increase your chances of success.

1.) Maintain a Courtship of Two Years Before Proposing

Remember that a female scammer needs to work fast. The longer she stays, the stickier it gets (she might have to meet your family for example, which she wants to avoid because it humanizes you). So if she can rush you to the altar in three months—and then divorce you after six—the whole scam has taken less than a year. That’s an ideal situation.

Note that US immigration is hip to the scam—that’s why they make the fiancé visa a nine-month process. Lots of men come back from Thailand with love in their eyes. They begin the paperwork, but nine months later, their heels have cooled. Her true character has revealed itself. It happens a lot, so the government is protecting itself with an effective strategy—make the couple wait it out.


There’s a saying in Nigeria—better to look for a black goat in the daytime.  In short, it’s best to find an easy sucker. By taking your time—a minimum of two years—you limit the chances of becoming that sucker.

2.) Find a Woman in Your Age Bracket (No More than 10 Years Your Junior)

It’s common for an older man to seek a younger woman. No problem there. However, if you’re 55 years old, be suspicious of a 20 year-old woman that wants to be with you. The only exception is if you’re a famous, multi-millionaire. But that’s it. So unless you’re a Rockefeller, be wary of any woman who can accept this age difference.

You want a woman in her late twenties to early thirties; she’s less likely to pull a scam. Most women, even the most treacherous, dream of being married with children. They know that when they hit thirty, it’s time for Mr. Right—the father of her family. So if you seek a woman this age, you increase your chances of success.


Men falter when they place too much emphasis on lust. They gotta have the “younger, hotter piece of ass.” That’s fine when you’re single. But remember that lust fades…eventually, you’re into the day-to-day trappings of a relationship. You need someone who you’re attracted to AND that you can trust. Finding a woman in her early thirties fulfills the latter.

3.) Learn Game

I should probably put this number one. All roads lead to Rome, and Rome is the home of game. The male/female dynamic is universal, immutable. Eventually, all relationships become mundane…a day-to-day affair of routines and responsibilities. How you respond in the middle of this routine, in the day-to-day affairs, determines your success. Therefore, the attributes of game are essential: agree and amplify, amused mastery, etc. They’ll solidify your role as a leader of a family.

Critics will point out that many women get to the US, file a divorce, and find another man. Very true. But one question to ask is, “What attributes did the other man have?” Most likely, he maintained a masculine frame. He provided a definitive direction, a confidence in his Weltanschauung. He understood the essential chemistry of game.

4.) Keep Her in the Home Country

It’s best to live in your wife’s home country. I’m afraid that at this point, the feminist narrative has saturated all elements of American life: radio, television, schools, Starbucks, etc. Everywhere a woman goes in the West, she’s encouraged to denigrate her husband and her marriage. Living in a foreign country means that you’ll have fewer battles to fight.

The harsh reality is expatriation. It means that you’ll have to find a passive income; the good news is that now—more than any other time in history—this is possible. The internet has made “location independence” a reality. And there are so many hustles out there for a man in this regard.


The biggest obstacle for you is pride. You’re gonna ask, “Why should I have to leave my country? Why should I have to move away from my family and friends?” Truth be told…it’s not fair. But life changes, generations change, and the world changes. The Pilgrims set out for a better life and formed America, Europeans flooded into Ellis Island in search of a better life. The brave have always taken the road less traveled.

Today’s reality is harsh—the American man needs to move to the third world if he wants a better life.


Being married to a foreign woman is wonderful—if you play your cards right. But you have to be smart. Following the strategies I listed above will increase your chances of success. Granted, nothing is 100% secure. But life is like Las Vegas; your odds of winning are a statistical probability. So when you play blackjack, you want to hit on 10 and not on 17.

You want the numbers to be in your favor.

What is Fascism?

What is Fascism?

The word “fascist” has a bad reputation. That’s my conclusion after reading Benito Mussolini’s The Doctrine of Fascism.

In short, fascism is a philosophy that recognizes the importance of the nation state. It believes that the individual can only exist within the confines of a state; therefore, the state must be effective for the individual to be happy. The state should be secular in nature, while maintaining a religious tradition.

That seems logical to me. I never read Mussolini before, but I found his ideas to be very clear. Here are my three takeaways:

Democracy is a Failure When the People Are Ignorant

That’s simple enough. A mass of ignorant people will not produce a stellar democracy; instead, they codify their dysfunction into law:

“Democracy is a kingless regime infested by many kings who are sometimes more exclusive, tyrannical, and destructive than one, even if he be a tyrant…a form of society in which a degenerate mass would have no thought beyond that of enjoying the ignoble pleasures of the vulgar. “

“Fascism is therefore opposed to that form of democracy which equates a nation to the majority…the nation be considered as it should be from the point of view of quality rather than quantity.”

Mussolini is piggy backing on Nietzsche in this regard, who also believed that democracies were doomed to failure. Both men shared a pessimistic (or realistic) view of humanity. On some level, their belief is an extension of Judeo-Christian religions that adhere to the doctrine of original sin, of man’s nature being debased.


When seen through that light, it’s not fascism that is strange—it’s democracy. Democracy is a social experiment that lacks a historical pedigree, an idea that’s foreign to ancient civilizations. The idea that man is inherently noble, that the masses are capable of good…our ancestors scoffed at the idea. Thus, they gave us a blueprint to personal salvation.

Fascism was Opposed to Globalism

Mussolini argues that globalism is a menace:

“…foreign to the spirit of Fascism, even if accepted as useful in meeting special political situations — are all internationalistic or League superstructures which, as history shows, crumble to the ground whenever the heart of nations is deeply stirred by sentimental, idealistic or practical considerations.”

“Fascism denies the materialistic conception of happiness as a possibility, and abandons it to the economists of the mid-eighteenth century.”

The role of international bankers in World War 1 is no longer a conspiracy; most academics now agree on this point. Jewish families like the Rothschilds are well known to have funded both sides of that deadly conflict, creating animosity that bled into World War 2.


Today, a similar same war is being fought. Globalists such as George Soros are currently funding social upheavals around the globe: Open Society Institute, Black Lives Matter, etc. Many people are angered by these movements, yet they do not call themselves “fascists.” Yet the general idea is the same. They believe that the elites do not have their best interests in mind. Moreover, they suspect that the elites might even be trying to do them harm.

3.) Fascism Was Concerned with the Happiness of the Individual

Mussolini was concerned about the well-being of the citizenry.

 “The Fascist accepts and loves life; he rejects and despises suicide as cowardly. Life as he understands it means duty, elevation, conquest; life must be lofty and full, it must be lived for oneself but above all for others…”

“Fascism wants man to be active and to engage in action with all his energies; it wants him to be manfully aware of the difficulties besetting him and ready to face them. It conceives of life as a struggle in which it behooves a man to win for himself a really worthy place, first of all by fitting himself (physically, morally, intellectually) to become the implement required for winning it.”

A healthy nation needs the common man to be happy. It needs for him to experience marital bliss, to enjoy his work (however simple it may be). A life to be “lofty and full,” as Mussolini states.

When I look at the US today, I don’t feel that the globalist leaders want the same thing. I see a media that thrives on “order through chaos.” A society where the men are committing suicide and the women are on anti-depressants. A world where families are indebting themselves to buy the next technological gadget. A world of materialistic profit, devoid of spiritual direction.

Criticism of Mussolini

Of course, Mussolini will always be linked to Hitler—at least partly—because of Italy’s alliance to Germany at the start of World War 2. That fact is true. However, it should be noted that many nations worked with Germany prior to the second World War—the Munich Agreement (where Czechoslovakia was conceded to Germany) being but one example. Secondly, most people were not made aware of concentration camps until after the war. So there is no way that Mussolini would have known about this plan.

Another criticism of Mussolini stems from Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1935. This incident is often painted as a hostile invasion without provocation. However, history shows us that Mussolini was responding to an attack at the Wal-Wal Oasis in Somalia where 200 Italian soldiers were killed by Ethiopian forces. Mussolini was adamant that Ethiopia should pay for the incident. One can argue that Italy was still in the wrong to invade Ethiopia. That might be true; however, it was not an invasion without causes. To ignore these contributing factors is to conceal the truth.

Also, it is a little known fact that Mussolini abolished slavery in Ethiopia. It issued two laws in 1935 and 1936 that ended the practice, freeing close to 420,000 slaves. If he was so evil, then why would he have done this?


In short, I highly recommend The Doctrine of Fascism. If you are a history buff, how can you avoid it? World War 2 was arguably the biggest event of the 20th century, and Benito Mussolini was a central figure in that event.

This book should be mandatory for people who seek the truth.

I Don’t Know How She Puts Up with Me

I Don’t Know How She Puts Up with Me

Men..stop saying this. It’s getting old already. I get it—you love your wife. I love my wife too, and I tell her all the time. But that’s not the point.

Are you a great man or not? Are you a leader? Did God put you on earth to accomplish great things? I hope so. The world is in need of heroic men, of warriors to write their names in history.

Newsflash—she doesn’t like self-deprecation. She wants a hero, a man of bravery to lead the family. I know that you’re told otherwise. The media is a house of lies, filled with charlatans. But you’re not 20 anymore, so that should be obvious. Tell them to go to hell.

Start believing that she’s lucky to be with you, or that you’re lucky to be with one another.

Abundance mentality.

It’s Better to Be Simple and Happy Than Complicated and Miserable

It’s Better to Be Simple and Happy Than Complicated and Miserable

That’s the gist of the Peanuts cartoon, “A Convertible and a Lake.” Charlie Brown is prompted with a question by Peppermint Patty: “What do you think the secret of living is?” Charlie Brown’s response is complicated:

“The secret of happiness is to own a convertible and a lake. If the sun shines, you can ride around in your convertible. If it rains, you can say, ‘At least the rain will fill up my lake…”

Enter Snoopy. Patty gives him the same question, but Snoopy responds by kissing her on the nose. They scuttle away, leaving Charlie Brown to his confusion. Patty then scoffs at how silly Charlie Brown is.

A simple message, beautifully put: Everybody wants to be with the joyful, to be around those that are filled with love. Nobody wants to be around people that are confused – not even the confused.

It’s better to be simple and happy than complicated and miserable.