The words of Fulton Sheen are true: “Jealousy is the tribute that Mediocrity Pays to Genius.”

It’s a powerful reminder on the byproduct of happiness. You want to bring others along, to bestow them with the good fortune you’re feeling – to shower them in a pot of gold. But alas…very few will accept the offer.

Instead, they fight back with jealousy. They cling to bitter words. They criticize your philosophy. They can’t accept that you jump where they hesitate, that you swim where they wade, and that you sing where they mumble.

You’re a child of Good Fortune because you burn with the greatness of God…to live out the infinite potential he’s placed in you. You despise the complacent, the weak, and the petty. Low self-esteem…it’s a desecrated temple to you!

So don’t fret at the arrows of jealousy; they’re a  sign that your path is blessed. That you’re closer to the Houses of the Holy.




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