Stephen King was horrified by Donald Trump’s presidential win, going so far as to shut down his Twitter account. What Stephen…afraid of a dissenting opinion? I guess he prefers Americans to be passive readers.

At any rate, his rant forced me to reflect on who he is. Not how many books he has written, but what he has written about. What’s his Weltanschauung? To understand this, we have to make a red pill assessment.

The publishing industry in the United States is run by feminists, homosexuals, and subversive Jews. These facts are obvious to anybody with two eyes. They despise traditional America and want it desecrated. Therefore, aspiring authors need to repeat these talking points to get a publishing deal.


An exception to this—on the surface—appears to be Stephen King. His novels don’t fall into any of these groups. But then look closer…always look closer! Remember that the SJWs are always looking to denigrate the edifice of America. Stephen King is a perfect vehicle for this because he takes the indirect approach. His work is not as confrontational as a Jessica Valenti and, therefore, it’s far more effective.

King’s America is a filthy one. His novels highlight the lowest rung of humanity: the murderers, the deviants, and the weak-spirited losers. He specializes in the gutter trash of the world.


Mr. King, how do you know these people so well? And why are you so obsessed with giving them a voice? Is this who you really are?

The mark of a great man is in his ability to mentor others, to lead the lost, and to heal the sick. To encompass the hopes of a generation. In short, to be a MAN OF GREATNESS. King does the opposite. He writes about darkness and the disgusting sides of humanity. He shows America to be barbaric and twisted. In short, he accomplishes the objectives of a deviant publishing industry.

No wonder King is so offended by the phrase “Make America Great Again.” He’s gotten rich by making it worse.

3 thoughts on “Stephen King is Horrified? Do tell…

  1. *laughing*

    Major STYLES, you’ve picked on a FAVORITE of mine.

    I plan on knowing that “sick deviant” someday. I plan on calling him “Win” (his middle name is Edwin.)

    I hate correcting you — but King hails from backwoods Maine, where everyone is supposed to be equal to everyone else. He’s a powerful man who has learned to kowtow to others, to bow and scrape to equality — and he recognizes liberalism as the Throne in the Land, so he kowtows to it like he kowtows to his lessers in Maine.

    That’s all. *spreads hands*

    I have a feeling he’s a lot more Randall Flagg than Abagail Freemantle — but don’t ASK ME why.


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    1. I had to look up Randall Flagg. Wikipedia described him as an “accomplished sorcerer.”

      If he is, as you suggest, a possible representation of King, then King might be worried that his reign as chief sorcerer has been supplanted by President Trump.

      1. In his magnum opus _The Stand_, Randall Flagg is an immortal half-demon, half-man who draws the “bad half” of America, particularly the technocrats, to his side. He has a zany and dark sense of humor and is blithely irreverent.

        Abigail Freemantle is the saintly negro whose worst sin is her complacency about “God’s will.”

        The Wheel of Time turns at the end of the book, when Flagg is resurrected falling the climactic nuclear blast and begins preaching among jungle savages anew . . .

        Again, don’t take King’s shit too seriously. For example, he obviously tired of Twitter and was looking for an excuse to lose that albatross around his neck. Trump: handy. I’m not saying if you had a beer with King he would be an alt-righter — he wouldn’t — but I am saying, if you look at what he constantly returns to write about, time and again over decades, he’s HARDLY a typical softfaced liberal. In a different society, a different world, he would be a radically different man.

        Perhaps the difference between you and me, Styles, is that I am strangely bound to see the good in every man. I have total distrust of anything bearing a vagina (although they all love me as long as I don’t cross their leaders), but men I like being universally in approval with . . . even die-hard liberals.

        I especially enjoy converting haters to like me.

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