President Trump gave an interview tonight with Leslie Stahl at 60 minutes. The first thing that came to mind was…


It was clear that President Trump was trying to present a “soft” side. It was also clear that Leslie Stahl was hand selected, since the networks felt that Trump would not ridicule an old lady. However, just like the lizard media, she showed her Reptilian blood by mocking the idea that some protesters are being paid (already proven via Wikileaks to be true).

Poor Leslie Stahl does not know that there is an Internet, I imagine. She is used to the era when you could just lie to the public, and they were powerless to respond.

I was proud of Trump’s family, however. A picture surfaced, where they displayed the correct attitude towards the mainstream media:



6 thoughts on “Presidential Interview…It’s a Trap!

  1. Very droll and amusing piece. Your pic was hilarious (because true; also I love space opera references) and the pic of the family vs. media was PRICELESS.

    But really, you should LOVE those whom you aim to convert.

    God knows, I had enough haters on the internet when I came out as the all-powerful and kiss-my-assy Sorcerygod. You should aim to win the haters if you have a sense of entertainment about you.

    P.S. Styles, still working on the foundations of the corporation in Toronto . . . and the private “ladies” venture. Wish me luck, my lord.

  2. Oh yeah . . . I begin advertising for my website widely in a few months or less.

    I look forward to jumping to a few thousand viewers from a bare handful.

    God love the power of advertising.

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