I love this schmaltzy song by Night Ranger:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqUka3m4K80


Ah, adolescent love. I remember my first “crush”so well…

Her name was Kerry. I was a hapless beta and she was a beautiful cheerleader with options. I confessed my love to her after the first date and you can predict how that turned out. I was sent right to the friend zone, like an abusive hockey player to the penalty box. It took me years to remove the beta male, but thankfully the beast was killed.

Back to Night Ranger, though. Look at the arms and tell me what you see…that’s right, no tattoos! This was the 1980s but it might as well be the Middle Ages. Today, even Ricky Martin has arm-sleeve tattoos. The edge is gone…let’s leave it at that.

Also, look at the way they set up on stage – with the drums appearing to the far right as opposed to behind the band. This gives the audience a complete view of the band, as opposed to only the lead singer. Very cool from an aesthetic perspective.


Also, the vocals of Kelly Keagy. It’s not often that the drummer can sing. Another cool difference.

An underrated band, but one of my faves.


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