How Critical Should You Be?

How Critical Should You Be?

Criticality is a delicate thing; a little bit is vital, since you are able to avoid errors that come from wearing rose-colored glasses. However, too much criticality can lead to cynicism and mitigate against your happiness.

Criticality should have a practical arm to it. It should be useful. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I use this critical view in some way?
  • Will it improve my life in some way?
  • How can I apply this critical knowledge?

These are good guiding principles.

For example, if you’re buying a house, you want to have a critical eye to a certain degree. What does the loan look like? What type of interest rate are you getting? Does the house have any structural damages that you should know of?

If you are choosing a mate, does this person align with my life goals? Does this person meet your qualities for a partner?  Are you ready to get married?

Once you have made these assessments and they work in your favor, then you should move forward. Don’t bother thinking about them again. Where people get lost is when they make criticality a defacto thought process, as opposed to a means to an end. Continual criticality will lead to pessimism; in turn, this will lead to negativity and misery.

Criticality is a tool. It should allow us to be happy – not prevent us from finding our bliss.

Blue Pill Song of the Day

Blue Pill Song of the Day

Was there ever a more-blue pill song than Eric Carmen’s “All by Myself”? As I hear the chorus, I can feel my testicles ascending. The incel longing, the sexual failure, the lack of discernible muscle mass…it’s all there.

I hated the song, even as an teenager. And mind you, I was a major league sucker. But there are some lows, some levels so deep, that not even a dateless chump will dare to  go there. For me, Eric Carmen is that place. It’s the Death Valley of lonesome despair.

Enjoy the tune…if you can stomach it:


The Battle of the Wolves

The Battle of the Wolves

In Jack London’s White Fang, we read about a fight that takes place in the Canadian wild—two male wolves, battling to the death for the chance to mate with a she-wolf.

The she-wolf is pleased:

  • And all the while the she-wolf sat on her haunches and smiled. She was made glad in vague ways by the battle, for this was the lovemaking of the Wild, the sex-tragedy of the natural world that was tragedy only to those that died. To those that survived it was not tragedy, but realization and achievement.

It’s a reminder that the natural world is king. That it reigns above all. Armani suits, Louis Vuitton handbags…they’re like a Halloween mask. When the accouterments are removed, we see the human reality: stark, naked, and without pretense. A battle to the death for food and the privilege of mating.

Many people think that they’re entitled to happiness—they deserve a quality mate. They’ve worked hard, they’ve endured suffering, and they’ve wept a million tears. They’ve taken the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. And now someday…they shall be released! They’ll be rewarded for years of passive suffering.

They don’t realize that they’re like the White Fang wolves—battling against each other for survival. And when the battle is over, we see the winners and losers. We see those that have risen, and those that have fallen.

The strength to survive, to fight. To grow stronger and wiser with each error. To withstand the cold and become better than before.

Strength is the marking of a wolf.

Just Keep Smashing

Just Keep Smashing

So many roads…so many questions.

  • What happens if my boss finds a better employee?
  • What happens if my wife finds a more successful husband?
  • What can I do about a world that is spiraling out of control?

The solution is to keep smashing.

Keep raising your SMV (sexual market value). Keep reading the books of genius. Keep providing your clients with top-notch service.

When the world becomes too much to comprehend, you have to look inward. Only there will you find peace of mind.

Jealousy is the Tribute that Mediocrity Pays to Genius

Jealousy is the Tribute that Mediocrity Pays to Genius

The words of Fulton Sheen are true: “Jealousy is the tribute that Mediocrity Pays to Genius.”

It’s a powerful reminder on the byproduct of happiness. You want to bring others along, to bestow them with the good fortune you’re feeling – to shower them in a pot of gold. But alas…very few will accept the offer.

Instead, they fight back with jealousy. They cling to bitter words. They criticize your philosophy. They can’t accept that you jump where they hesitate, that you swim where they wade, and that you sing where they mumble.

You’re a child of Good Fortune because you burn with the greatness of God…to live out the infinite potential he’s placed in you. You despise the complacent, the weak, and the petty. Low self-esteem…it’s a desecrated temple to you!

So don’t fret at the arrows of jealousy; they’re a  sign that your path is blessed. That you’re closer to the Houses of the Holy.