What Will Happen to the Heavily Tatted Women?

What Will Happen to the Heavily Tatted Women?

The Major was on vacation for the week. As he sat on a Caribbean beach, he noticed several Western women that were heavily tatted. By “tatted,” let’s say more than 10 tattoos.

A year ago, their gait was different. They were walking with a confident stride. The liberal Obama presidency had filled them with the desire to be “bad girls,” to hoist a middle finger in the face of traditional, feminine beauty. CNN was promising a Hillary victory and a future that was female. The culture was deranged and they were enjoying their place atop of it.

But now we have the Trump presidency and the elegant femininity of Melania and Ivanka. The Trump women embody what men want: skinny frames, long hair, skin free of ink. They embrace male sexual desire, instead of repudiating it; in short, they’re a feminist nightmare.

This is what most men desire (sorry Andrea Dworkin)

There has been no Western society in the last 3,000 years that applauded the “beauty” of a woman covered in tattoos. These heavily-tatted women were banking on a trend that had no historical pedigree. They took the bait of their enemies, fellow women looking to remove competitors from the mating market. The heavily-tatted women played the useful idiot for their frenemies in the media. Now they’ll experience a sharp decline in their sexual market value, and their descent down the social ladder won’t be pretty.

Expect hysterics.

They’ll Become Self-Destructive

Cymbalta, alcoholism, multiple cat purchases…we can expect all of these things and more. Nearly a third of Western women are already mentally ill, and I predict that number will remain steady. Because these tattooed women are visibly marked, they won’t be able to escape from their bad life decisions. They’ll be like a person that parades around with a dunce cap, their stupidity on clear display.

Their bitterness  will be enhanced by the fact that many twenty-something girls WON’T be tattooed.

Would you rather have one of these, or a heavily tatted 40-year-old with a feminist chip on her shoulder? That’s what I thought…

Women are competitive, if nothing else. And there’s always a new batch on younger, hotter women on the horizon. When a forty-year old woman with 50 tattoos looks at a twenty-something with zero, you can expect the animosity to be extreme. These heavily tatted women will stumble back to their rooms, drowning their anger in red wine and Cymbalta.

Note: This anger will be magnified by their poor coping mechanisms. They grew up in the era of “girl power,” where a woman is never held accountable for her actions. Just take a look at Rhonda Rousey, the poster child for the chicks-with-dicks movement. Her comment after the loss to Holly Holm was telling: “I really do believe I’m still undefeated because being defeated is a choice. Everybody has losses in their life, but I choose to always be undefeated.”

Many modern women share Rosuey’s disconnect from reality – a fart is perfume, as long as they believe it is. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to shrug off their tattoos that easily. Expect hamster rationalization, followed by a descent into depression.

They Will Be Lower Wage Earners

As these tattooed women get older, they will probably be poor. Some service industry jobs have hired these people, true. However, there’s a big difference between being “allowed” to work somewhere and kicking ass in the financial sector. Today’s worker needs to shift between a variety of workplace scenarios, negotiating with people from all walks of life. Being heavily tatted will mitigate against these goals. You’re relegated to dealing with people who can accept you as opposed to being able to work with anyone.

It will be harder for women like this to make good money in the future, which I think is great.

Another obstacle for heavily-tatted women will be their age. Remember that businesses are always looking to hire young, attractive people. Think of a typical restaurant owner, for example. He needs to maximize his profits. So why would he hire an old tattooed lady when he can hire a young woman without ink? He will do what’s best for his business, which means that he will hire people that are “clean looking.” This will work against the heavily tattooed woman, increasing the likelihood that she experiences poverty.

Poverty sucks, in many different ways. You can’t afford top-notch health insurance (or any insurance at all) which means you are more likely to receive substandard medical care. You cannot afford the best foods; this means you have to eat the GMO-laden crap that the food industry shills out to the masses. And you’re unable to  capitalize on all the niceties of life: vacations, reliable transportation, etc. This is the world that is facing many women that are heavily tattooed.


The culture war is real. We are about to experience the next wave of victims in the form of the heavily-tattooed woman. They are the latest group of useful idiots in the Cultural Marxist (oppressor versus oppressed) assault on America. The Cultural Marxists convinced these women that traditional America was “oppressing” them, and that they needed to fight back. These women took the bait and now they are inked for life – they took themselves “out of the game” so to speak. They are also beyond going to a tattoo removal facility; they have too many to remove, and attempting this would only make the situation worse.

Wars are fought with ideologies, in addition to weapons. The amount of Western women that have desecrated their bodies is a like the Battle of Verdun in this struggle. Thousands of casualties have been taken to fulfill the goals of the globalist elites, and the amount of anguish that will be created is substantial.

If nothing else, the next few years should be interesting…

Book Review: The Lessons of History by Will Durant

Book Review: The Lessons of History by Will Durant

Will Durant’s The Lessons of History is a magnificent book: clear, direct, and comprehensive in its assessment of world history. It’s one of those, “Why have I never read this before?” books. Durant provides an analysis of history that is devoid of political correctness. In short, it’s a history that people need to know.

Why have most people never heard of Will Durant? Very simple: he was not a Cultural Marxist. I’ve spoken before on the influence of Cultural Marxism in America,  and how it shoehorns the oppressor/oppressed model into every subject (with straight, white Europeans males being the oppressor). Durant is not part of the Frankfurt School in that regard.  He talks about a subject, like socialism for example, and examines it with a broad, comparative lense: using examples in China, Peru, Europe, etc. So we get an honest assessment of the topic, as opposed to a manipulative abuse of information.

Frankfurt School example: “Yes, you are right children! America is the only country that ever practiced slavery!”

Here are a few takeaways from the book:

Equality Does Not Exist in Nature

According to Durant, equality is does not exist in nature; rather, it’s an enlightenment theory with no connection to the natural world:

Since Nature (here meaning total reality and its processes) has not read very carefully the American Declaration of Independence or the French Revolutionary Declaration of the Rights of Man, we are all born unfree and unequal: subject to our physical and psychological heredity, and to the customs and traditions of our group (p. 19-20).

Very true. All you need to do is watch “Animal Planet” to realize this. If animals were equal, they would all live to the same age, be born with the same strength, etc. But clearly they’re not. The Serengeti is horrifically discriminatory. It takes and gives life without empathy. The lion eats the gazelle, regardless if the gazelle deserved it or not.

This cow was born equal. Except for the fact that it has another cow attached to it.

The same is true with humans of course. This is a topic I wrote about in a previous post, actually. Why are some children born with fatal heart conditions, while others live to be 100 and smoke? Why are some be born to be dwarfs, while others are 6’4? There is so much genetic inequality that it’s almost laughable to assert otherwise.

The Enforcement of Equalism in Humans Will Lead to Chaos

Durant believes that applying equalism to human interaction is a flawed idea.

For freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other die…only the man who is below the average in economic ability desires equality (p. 20)

In short, weak people like equality because it makes them stronger. I thought of feminism when I read this. Why was Andrea Dworkin—a hideous ham beast of a woman—so concerned with “equality”? It’s because her sexual market value was low. “Equality” meant that her sexual market value would rise, improving her rank within society.

Dworkin wanted things to be more equal for women…gee, I wonder why?

This same kind of logic could be seen in the last election cycle. So many women with a low sexual market value wanted Hillary to win. Their logic could be summarized as this:

  • I’m a 5; Hillary Clinton is a 5. If she wins, now I’m a 10. That’s great!!
  • I’m a 5; Trump’s wife and daughters are a 10; if he wins, I’m a 5. Unacceptable!!

In short, “equality” is a way to make the weak strong and the strong weak. It’s a type of comminism, really.

Durant also points out that equalism can destroy an economy. For example, rich nations feel an obligation to take care of poor nations. But how long can the handout last?

The recent spectacle of Canada and the United States exporting millions of bushels of wheat while avoiding famine and pestilence at home seemed to provide a living answer to Malthus…this solution merely postpones the calamity. There is a limit to the fertility of the soil.

In short, the soil of a nation can only produce so much food; hopefully, just enough to feed its own nation. When it is required to feed other nations, then chaos eventually ensues. One can see an example of this in America’s constant desire to feed Africa. This has led to the denigration of our native soil, via an over-reliance on monoculture agriculture. It’s difficult enough to feed a nation of 310 million people. Having to feed the entire world will have a detrimental effect on America’s soil.

Farmers working a double shift in Fresno to ship food to Uganda…for now.

The root cause of these problems, according to Durant, is a belief in equality:

“…the natural inequality of men soon re-creates an inequality of possessions and privileges, and raises to power a new minority with essentially the same instincts as in the old. The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints.” (p. 72)

Equality can only last for so long. Eventually, the strong will rise and the weak will fall. All of the social engineering in the world cannot prevent the inevitable. I found his point here to be true. As much as I believe in charity, I find that it is often pointless. Very few people want to self-improve, strive for more, or be great. Most just want to exist.


Will Durant’s book is a must read. It’s a reminder that the liberal left has been “burning” books for many years now; not in a physical sense, of course. But they conveniently omit important works from the cannon. So most students will never get to read the work of Will Durant.

It’s time for us to re-educate ourselves; and The Lessons of History should be part of this re-education.

Book Review: Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

Book Review: Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

“We all start off as children with an abundance mindset and genuine fascination and curiosity about life. Somewhere along the way, it was lost. Mindset is a choice.” – Mike Cernovich 

I just finished Mike Cernovich’s excellent book, Gorilla Mindset. For those who don’t know, Mike has recently emerged as a philosophical powerhouse: self-improvement guru, political commentator, etc. I figured I would read his most popular book to get a better idea of who he is and what a “Gorilla Mindset” is.

Here are my takeaways…

His Advice is Practical

Mike covers a lot of ground in the book—everything from taking cold showers to stock market tips. The book is useful. It starts with the general, talking about the importance of your mindset. Then it moves into the specific, making this more than just a generic, self-help manual.

One nice piece of advice was on body posture. Mike argues that there is a link between body posture and personal success. At first it sounded corny, but I then did a mental rundown of the various people I know. Sure enough, the people I know that are successful have better posture: they walk more upright, hold their heads high, etc. Mike includes some personal photos in the book on how to improve your posture, which was a nice touch.

I was slouching when I read Mike’s chapter on good posture. But I quickly straightened up!

Another nice bit of practical advice was on diet. Needless to say, most Americans are looking to lose a few pounds (myself included). Mike is in pretty good shape, so his advice has some validity. He goes into detail about various types of foods, vitamins, exercise, etc. He even gives a recipe for making a kale shake, which I thought was helpful.

Mike gives us a Kale shake recipe…I am dusting off the blender as we speak.

Another concept I liked was “framing.” Mike discusses how mindset involves a reframing of various topics. He provides a real-world example of this, citing his experience as a lawyer:

When lawyers speak of framing, they are talking about the key issue or legal question that matters in a case. That is, what question do you ask a judge or jury to decide?

It’s important that Mike brings up his professional experience here. By doing this, he avoids the trap that many self-help books fall into; they become a series of platitudes, divorced from real-world examples.

His Style is Clear

Mike uses simple analogies and clear language to make his point. This is a sign of strength in my opinion. I despise the ambiguity of many “great” thinkers. The more incomprehensible they are, the more praise they receive from academia—Noam Chomsky, James Joyce, etc. Mike is able to avoid this trap.

Here is one of my favorite excerpts:

Imagine a computer. The monitor, keyboard, and processor are the hardware. Without any software to run it, your computer would be worthless. Your body is your hardware and your mindset is your operating system.

This is a good example of Mike’s writing style. He uses simple language, short sentence structures, and effective analogies. I’m sure he could use complex jargon if he wanted (he was a lawyer after all). But that would be defeat the point, and it would reach less people.

Note: the book, according to Mike’s Amazon page,  “Gorilla Mindset was the most successful non-fiction book launch of 2015, immediately hitting best-seller status.” So his writing style is working!

His Formatting is Effective

I like how Mike has centered and bold-texted information in the middle of the page. I don’t think I have seen this style before, but it works. It’s a nice way to laying out the important points in a clear way. I’ve noted that he also does this on his website, which works well.

Today’s writer is part content producer, part graphic designer. He has to make sure that the content is displayed in an aesthetically appealing way. Technical writers, for example, need to display information with a variety of visual aids: bold-text headings, photos, different colors, etc. They are writing to people than have a diminished attention span.

So the modern writer has to implement some effective formatting, but not TOO much. This is, after all, about the content. Mike’s layout is able to hit that sweet spot—enough formatting to illustrate the content well.


For me, the best part of the book was in Chapter 10. Mike describes a trip he took to the East Coast as a child, where he developed a passion to be rich. There is a great excerpt in that chapter:

“People ask me how they can find their life purpose or motivation. They don’t like my answer, but it’s the only one I’m capable of giving. If you feel unfulfilled, stop what you’re doing. Walk the streets until you’re exhausted. Repeat this everyday. When you finally see what you want, your life will change.”

As Mike points out, finding one’s passion is not easy. For many it is elusive, and they die without ever finding it. I have written about the same idea in a previous post. That being said, we have to commend somebody like Mike Cernovich. He is challenging people to become more, to do more, and to be more.

He’s challenging them to have a gorilla mindset.

To purchase Mike’s book, go to the following link: Gorilla Mindset.

You Either Have Ambition or You Don’t

You Either Have Ambition or You Don’t

It’s believed that women are more jealous than men. This is true in many regards, particularly when it comes to mating. However, men can be jealous in their own way. We see this jealousy in the professional world when a man achieves success. Very quickly, other men will come out of the woodwork to denigrate his existence. Anybody who has achieved success in a walk of life can attest to this.

Your success will bring you more detractors than your failure. And your success is directly tied to your ambition.

Ambition is Related to Your Faith in God

Your ambition is tied to your belief in God. You feel that God has gifted you with a tremendous power, and it’s imperative that you capitalize on it. You believe that you’re greatness is infinite in scope. So you get up every day, building a fire on the coals of self-confidence.

Conversely, a man’s lack of ambition is tied to his lack of faith; he’s not sure the world has any meaning. This atheism, or agnosticism, colors his daily affairs. It takes the wind out of his sails, making him do less, care less, and burn less.

A man without faith in God will never truly understand the hustle of an ambitious man.

Ambition Never Dies

The ambitious man is never finished. He is forever striving, whether he is 18 or 80. He believes there is still another page to be written in the history books and that it will contain his name. He doesn’t care that his name is Joe Smith and he lives in Nowhere, Nebraska. Those facts are irrelevant. He has a date with destiny.

Nietzsche said it best in Twilight of the Idols:

  • “A higher kind of human being, if I may say so, does not like ‘callings,’ precisely because he knows himself to be called. He has time, he takes time, he does not even think of ‘finishing’: at thirty one is, in the sense of high culture, a beginner, a child.”

Well put. The great man is always on the hustle. He burns with a passion which will only be extinguished when he is dead, when his last breath has left his body. Until that time, he’s forever burning with a restless energy—looking to do more, to be more, to care more.

The ambitious man is never finished in his quest.

Ambition is Hated by the Common Man

The ambitious man has enemies. These enemies will always try to minimize his plans, to denigrate his desires. You can almost hear them saying…

Who are you to want more? Who are you to dream big? Really, their questioning of you is a psychological projection. They doubt themselves.

Marianne Williamson said it well:

  • “We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.”

The great challenge for the ambitious man will be overcoming these detractors. He will have to shrug them off with a courteous nod. He cannot let himself be sucked into the drain of low self-confidence. He has a higher calling that he must adhere to.

Can Ambition Be Cultivated?

This leads to the obvious question, “Can ambition be cultivated?” The Major seeks to help others, not to denigrate. I could make a Tony Robbins sermon and say that you merely need to “believe in yourself,” or some other feel-good platitude. But that won’t help.

The person without ambition needs a “breakthrough” moment. Something has to snap, the water has to tip over the levee. There has to come a “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” moment.

These breakthrough moments tend to be delivered by fate, as opposed to the advice of others. For example, somebody can tell you to be cautious about who you marry. But the pain of a divorce rape will be much more effective in waking somebody up.

So ambition can be cultivated…but it’s rare. It is usually the result of somebody being pushed over the edge, as opposed to somebody willfully seeking the goals of self-improvement. I’ve counseled many wayward people in my life, trying to point them into a positive direction. My counsel accomplished very little – 99% of them continued on their downward spiral.

The successful people I’ve met never needed my counsel. They came to the party ready to roll, so to speak. Their greatness occurred separate of me. Perhaps I gave them a helpful tip here or there. But by and large, they were self-contained individuals, burning with a passion to be great.



Ambition is central to all great men. And if you have ambition, you will find your circle of friends to be very small. That’s because others will try to take the wind out of your sails, to question your motivations, and to riddle you with doubt. So you must part ways with them, even though they might be excellent people in many ways.

A final thought by Oscar Wilde:

  • Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.

Three Ways to Fight Back Against Immoral, Left-Wing Teachers

Three Ways to Fight Back Against Immoral, Left-Wing Teachers

The college campus is ground zero when it comes to the SJW narrative. Most of my readers already know this. Sadly, the deviants have recently been doubling down on their behavior: they’ve gone from carrying a “rape mattress” on campus to putting tampons in the men’s bathroom.  The halls of academia are starting to resemble a freak show.

Sadly, the dysfunction is promoted by left-wing teachers. These teachers manipulate the students through a careful arrangement of activities and assignments. They corral the students to a “correct” answer—one that usually points a middle finger to conservative thought. If students try to disagree, many are punished with a lower grade. Subsequently, students are forced to shut up and watch the class become indoctrinated.

I taught at the college level for many years. My experience has shown me that a student should not protest in class, after class, or to the department chair. Remember that the far-left have control over all levels of higher education. If you challenge them, then you run the risk of having your GPA damaged. If you take your complaint to the department chair, you’ll find that she has a PHD in Women’s Studies and that she’s even worse than your teacher.

So you have to be smart. I recommend the following strategies for combatting the epidemic of left-wing teachers. I think these tactics can be effective on a small level. And if enough people do them, they can make a difference on a larger level.

Destroy the Teacher’s Reputation on Rate My Professor

Rate my Professor is an online site where students do what the title implies – they rate the performance of their professors. Many teachers rely on good feedback from this site to get future classes. Remember that most college instructors are part time, and that their jobs depend on future enrollment. If the teacher receives a flood of bad reviews on Rate My Professor, then the teacher’s class can be cancelled due to low enrollment. Years ago, a department chair informed me that I should be very mindful of my reviews on this site, since it correlated with his ability to assign me classes.

Students should be exposing left-wing bias on Rate My Professor


After your semester is over, I encourage you to go onto the site and post negative feedback about any SJW professors. If these teachers were particularly egregious in pushing their narrative, then you can post multiple comments. You’ll have to open a few burner accounts, but these can easily be deleted later. The point is that you’re hitting back, letting them know that you won’t tolerate an abuse of power.

Troll the Teacher’s YouTube Channel

Many instructors are now using YouTube to post informative videos. For example, it’s common for an English instructor to post information on how to write an essay, or a mathematics teacher to post some strategies on algebra. It’s almost become mandatory for instructors to have some sort of video component to their courses.

Many teachers have You Tube channels that can be trolled

I recommend that students troll the YouTube channel of their left-wing instructors. Postings should make the viewers aware that the teacher is a politically biased individual to be avoided. Also, you can add any other information that you feel is relevant: the teacher is late in grading papers, is prone to favoritism, etc.

Again, you can make several comments if you have a few burner accounts. I recommend that you space the postings out so that they don’t look suspicious (avoid five negative comments in one day, for example). The best time to troll the page is at the end of a semester. This is when students are most likely to provide their input on the course. The teacher will see that students are on to the game, and other students will be aware of it as well.

Note: If you have a teacher that scrubs the comments clean, then I encourage you to troll the department’s YouTube page: English, History, etc.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can also damage a teacher’s reputation. Although your audience is smaller than my previous two suggestions, it can actually be effective. That’s because young students will talk to one another about what teachers to take. This is especially true of female students who are more gossip oriented.

Note that word of mouth can also translate into a cold approach. For example, you can locate an attractive girl in the student cafeteria. Open her by stating that you are trying to pick out classes for the next semester, and that you’d like her advice on a specific teacher or class. Mention that you’ve had a bad experience with a recent teacher (insert SJW professor’s name) and that you want to avoid that scenario again. You don’t have to be specific about why you didn’t like the teacher—she will remember the teacher’s name, which is the important thing.

The bonus of course is that now you’ve opened her up. You can end the conversation by telling her to meet you at a popular event on the weekend, or asking her number. This could lead to a date and…hopefully, a bang. So you’ve “killed two birds with one.”


There is an old saying in football: “The best defense is a good offense.” If we can learn anything from SJW’s, it’s about the advantage of attacking. You catch the opposition off guard, forcing them into a careless mistake.

It’s time to reverse the trend. If a left-wing instructor has a weakness (especially a woman) then it’s hubris. The modern college is a tenured oligarchy, where dissenting voices are systematically removed. After time, they start to believe that the opposition does not exist. Given this reality, one can take pleasure in rattling their cages.

Academics are sacred. The longer that we let these rabble rousers pollute the halls of our noble universities, the more damaged our countries will become. It’s time to let them know that we see them, and we won’t accept their subversive Weltanschauung.

How I Restored My Foreskin

How I Restored My Foreskin

In December of 2005, I was speaking to a friend at a restaurant in Central America. He brought up the topic of circumcision and how it reduced the sexual pleasure in a man. I did not say anything, because I was unable to confirm or deny his statement. So I decided that I would return to the United States and do research on the topic.

In the meantime, I became very worried. Was it true? Was my penis desensitized?

The Internet was relatively new at that time. But still, there was a plethora of information on the topic of circumcision. Much of the information was conflicting. However, it was generally divided into two different opinions from men:

Pro Side

1.) Circumcised religious man, defending the process

2.) Circumcised secular American man, defending the process

3.) Man who was circumcised as an adult due to a tight foreskin, defending the process

Con Side

1.) Man who was circumcised as an adult because of social pressure, now bemoaning the loss of sensation

2.) Uncircumcised man (usually European) who could not believe anyone would want to cut their penis

My research led me to a theory; in a healthy man, circumcision leads to a loss of sexual pleasure.

Now what to do about it…I continued in my research until I found out about foreskin restoration. It sounded awkward and uncomfortable, but I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

Step 1: Creating Loose Skin

Most American men have what is called a “tight” circumcision. That means there is little mobile skin on the penis. I was in that camp. So I used a film container, along with medical tape, to gently pull the shaft skin forward. It was an arduous process, often resulting in cuts and bruises. However, after several months I was able to loosen the skin a bit.

Insert your circumcised penis in a film container, stretch the skin forward, and tape it to the sides of the container.

Around two months in, something strange happened. I began to feel more sensation on my penis: a light tingling feeling. Masturbation was more pleasurable. I had the little “hint” I needed that my thesis was correct. I doubled down on my efforts and became more committed to restoring my foreskin.

Note: There is actually a scientific reason behind the change in sensation. When a man is circumcised, a layer of skin grows over the exposed penis to protect it (termed keratinization). When the penis is covered again, the dead skin falls off and exposes the nerves that had been buried underneath (referred to as dekeratinization).

Step 2: Use a TLC Tugger

Next, I bought a TLC Tugger; this was the most popular foreskin restoration device on the market. It was made by Ron Low, a man that’s a pioneer/advocate in the foreskin restoration field. He is to foreskin restoration what Steve Jobs is to the iPhone.

The TLC Tugger…returning the circumcised man to a state of pleasure-filled glory!!!

The tugger is a clamp-style device that gently stretches the foreskin; it should be noted that what I was stretching was actually shaft skin, since there is no replacing the actual foreskin. The clamp is place on the penis, and then a strap goes around your leg (or over your shoulder). This causes a gentle pull on the shaft skin, moving it slowly forward. Note that skin is malleable; for example, you grow more skin when you gain weight. So conceptually, this same thing is being done to the shaft skin.

This process lasted for about two years. I just continued in my daily activities, leaving the TLC on to do its thing. I went to work, mailed the bills, did my laundry, etc. I tried to forget that I had a Medieval contraption hanging from my genitals. I quickly realized that if I concentrated on it that I would become overwhelmed with negative emotion. So I pushed that out of my mind and stayed committed to the goal.

My payday happened one day in 2007.  I was receiving oral sex from a girlfriend when lighting bolts went shooting through my body. Ding!!! Ding!! Ding!! Hello…what do we have here?

Receiving my first blowjob with a newly restored foreskin.

I had reached the promised land: there was enough slack skin to roll over the newly sensitized penis. In short, my fake foreskin was recreating the job of an actual foreskin – a skin tube rolling over highly sensitized nerve endings. I was home!

From that day forward, it’s been Disneyland in my pants. Prior to my restoration, I had some great experiences – or so I thought. In hindsight, they were all experiences that centered around HER pleasure: “Boy, I really made her cum last night,” etc. But now there was a profound difference; the experiences I was having were mine. And they were damn good.

Ironically, the more pleasure I started having, the more that my partners began to have. They could sense my pleasure and this made them more excited. There is an interconnected aspect to sexual intercourse, and having genitals that function correctly is an integral part of this.

Step 3: Continue Manual Tugging

There was one drawback to the new foreskin. At times, it would not “hold” in place. This was often due to a change in weather. So I had to continually tug it back over the glans (head). This has become, even to this day, a kind of daily exercise.

As it turns out, there is a muscle in the foreskin that holds it in place. So when you restore your foreskin (which is essentially shaft skin) you do not have this muscle. So you periodically have to push your faux foreskin back into place. The solution is to do around 1,000 stretchces a day, or to periodically wear a band aid to keep the foreskin in place.

This photo provides a general idea of the goal:

The science of foreskin restoration. Thank God for the internet.


Everyday, I thank God I was born in the this era. Thanks to the internet, I was able to improve my sexual experiences. I thought that sex was good before. Sure, it was good…but not like this. Now it is on another level entirely.

Before I was watching television in black and white; now it’s in technicolor.


SJW Version of “A Student’s Prayer” by St. Thomas Aquinas

SJW Version of “A Student’s Prayer” by St. Thomas Aquinas

Original prayer here: http://www.appleseeds.org/aquinas_stdpryr.htm

My Version


Creator of all carbon-based life forms,

true source of light and feminine wisdom,

origin of all non-binary entities,

graciously let a ray of your light penetrate (but only with written consent)

the darkness of a straight man’s understanding.


Take from me the double darkness (I apologize to my African-American friend)

in which I have been born to Caucasian privilege,

an obscurity of white male sin.


Give me understanding about the lesbian poetry of Adrienne Rich,

a retentive memory on European colonialism

and the ability to grasp things

that suit the teachings of Cultural Marxism


Grant me the talent (which men and women possess equally)

of being exact in my cuckolded explanations,

and the ability to express myself

with thoroughness to my bitter Women’s Studies professor.


Point out the beginning (which was probably a Female God)

direct the progress of my sexist fraternity brothers,

and help in the complete destruction of the United States of America


I ask this through the Prophet Mohammed, our Lord.

What is the Frankfurt School and Who is Max Horkheimer?

What is the Frankfurt School and Who is Max Horkheimer?

The Frankfurt School is virtually unknown. Many students – even those with PHDs –  have never read about it. They focused on the death penalty, abortion, medical marijuana and so forth. However, the Frankfurt School has recently come into the spotlight (thank you, Andrew Breitbart). The “school” was a cognoscenti of Jewish thinkers that left Europe after World War 1, came to the United States, and implemented the theories of Cultural Marxism (oppressor vs. oppressed). If you want to understand the far left, you have to understand the Frankfurt School.

We can trust Wikipedia for a definition (sometimes):

They were from Germany. That part was easy.

  • Founded during the interwar period, the School consisted of dissidents who felt at home neither in the existent capitalist, fascist, nor communist systems that had formed at the time.

The “interwar period” is between 1918 and 1939. That’s just the basic info, so let’s get into the nitty gritty of the school. Here is the biggest player…

Max Horkheimer

Horkheimer was the philosophical leader of the Frankfurt School:

  • “Max Horkheimer was born into a conservative Jewish family on February 14, 1895, the only son of Moritz and Babette Horkheimer.”

Horkheimer was Jewish. His acerbic approach to German culture – communistic in nature –  was a contributing cause to the rise of the Nazis: Hitler’s hatred for communism being well documented. Horkheimer disseminated Marxism through the press and academic institutions of Germany, creating fiction between the German business owner and worker. Needless to say, Hitler had some animosity toward Horkheimer. Max  saw the writing on the wall, fleeing to the United States prior to World War 2.

Horkheimer arrives in the Big Apple, ready to start a  revolution.

Horkheimer brought economic Marixism with him to New York. Rather than be a mensch and get a real job (maybe a butcher like Lazer Wolf) he decided to pick up where he left off in Europe – causing revolution in the goyim nation. However, there was a problem: the US had a strong middle class, so Horkheimer’s brand of Marxism wouldn’t work in the land of hot dogs and hamburgers.

What kind of man would destroy a country that just saved his life? To call Max Horkheimer an ingrate is an understatement. He should have been grateful he wasn’t burning in the ovens of Auschwitz; instead, he started a culture war against the gullible goyim of America.

Horkheimer created Cultural Marxism with Herbert Marcuse (one of his fellow Jewish Frankfurters). Instead of owner vs. worker, the new conflict would be oppressor versus oppressed. The United States had historical wounds that could be capitalized on, such as slavery and segregation. So the Frankfurt School promoted identity politics, encouraging racial violence between the two groups. Some ten years after Horkheimer’s arrival, we see the growing movements of Dr. King, Malcolm X, etc. And even to this day, we see the seeds of Horkheimer’s work in the Black Lives Matter movement (funded by another revolutionary Jew in George Soros).

You need to read some Max Horkheimer!!!

There was also the “war” between men and women to be capitalized on; there’s always a natural tension between men and women. Thus, the Frankfurt School began watering the soil for the feminist movement. Note that the feminist movement was not linked to any particular cause – such as suffrage – but was a broad theoretical claim of man (the oppressor) versus woman (the oppressed). This theory was disseminated through academia and the press the same way it was in Europe: note that Horkheimer moved to Pacific Palisades, where he had Jewish friends in Hollywood. Within a decade, thanks to Horkheimer and his connections, the term “American woman” became synonymous with the non-feminine.

Patriarchy, patriarchy, patriarchy…oh yeah, and patriarchy.

Ironically, or perhaps not so ironic, nearly all the feminists from the 1970s were Jewish: Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Andrea Dworkin. These women never identified themselves as Jewish – much like Horkheimer – but pretended that their fight against the oppressed was a traditional American battle. Thus, American women came to believe that Gloria Steinem was “one of them,” when she was really an adherent to the Frankfurt School of Horkheimer. We can see the same thing today with Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook; she never proclaims her Judaism, yet she is clearly a traitorous part of the tribe. Everything she does is a recycling of the oppressor/oppressed model from the Frankfurt School.


The face of evil? Pretty much…

And finally, there was a national conflict to be capitalized on: America “the oppressor” versus the “oppressed” parts of the world, such as Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. American strength made it an ideal target for the Frankfurt School, since they could become the new bourgeoisie. Ironically, at this same time, American soldiers were dying to save Jewish lives in Europe. They were also working tirelessly with Great Britain to make Israel a nation. While Americans were fighting for European Jews, Horkheimer was figuring out ways to destroy the United States.

Again, what kind of man does this?

The Man and His Writing

The most striking thing about Horheimer’s writing is the ambiguity. You can always tell a charlatan by the evasiveness of the prose. Here is a typical excerpt:

  • “…emancipatory action is said to depend on correcting problems of thought first, such that Horkheimer would stress thought for thought’s sake. Correcting these problems would require freeing reason from instrumentality, which would mean eschewing formalism. But this does not mean eschewing reason.”

This sentence highlights a great danger in modern education—incomprehensibility. If the average person cannot understand a writer, then we must conclude that the writer is a potential criminal. Opaqueness is the attribute of a thief—you never know what he/she is saying until it’s too late. The used car salesman, for example, is vague in his approach for a reason – he’s trying to manipulate the buyer. Horkheimer relies on the vague because if he was to lay his plans clear, we would see the traitorous intent.

I have no idea what this means, but Professor Goldstein says it’s important


This is a topic that deserves far more analysis. I think a few more postings are required here, seeing how the tentacles of Cultural Marxism are well entrenched in modern US culture. Take the Chicagoan Saul Alinsky for example, author of Rules for Radicals. Alinsky was a major influence on President Obama and the President has frequently displayed an oppressor/oppressed mindset when talking about issues. We can clearly see the seeds of the Frankfurt School in the discourse of Barrack Obama.

So I’ve got more research to do. I’ll be back with a few more postings on this topic, which I hope you enjoy; so until then…Mavel Tov!




How Do I Become More Successful?

How Do I Become More Successful?

You are what you do. This is some good advice from Mike Cernovich over at Danger and Play. To quote the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” You can talk about what a great Dad (or Mom) you are, but do your actions match up? You can talk about how rich you are, but what do your finances look like? And so on and so forth…

It’s a nice way to center your mind – focus on topics of action, as opposed to gossip. Of course, this will remove 90% of the conversations that occur, since most of these are centered around he said/she said. But no worries…you’ll be left with more time. You won’t waste your minutes on topics that go nowhere. And you can use this extra time to become better centered on your goals.

So how can you make this happen? Well, let’s start with a few reminders….

1.) Get in Touch with Your Selfishness

Ask yourself, “What do I want to do?” Focus on this for the first part of your day. Work on your writing, hit the gym, get your reading done, etc. This should take you at least half a day, minimum. Forget about what other people want you to do. When we focus our attention too much on others, then we become lost.

This hints at a larger issue, of course; do you know what you want to do? If you don’t know, then you have a problem. This is especially true the older you get. The longer it takes you to center on a skill or passion, the greater the likelihood that you never will. That’s why young people should be relentless about honing their skills. Try should try different endeavors, seeing what they are good at. Finding your bliss is an imperative goal.


Philosophers call this enlightened self-interest. You are being selfish for the benefit of your mental and physical health; your selfishness isn’t done to deliberately hurt others. You maintain a “you” centered existence to be a productive individual, to be healthy and well-balanced. Remember: if you can’t help yourself, then you can’t help others.

2.) Stay Centered on Your Daily and Yearly Goals

You can’t know what to do if you don’t have a plan. Making a set of goals (both daily and yearly) is essential. You should save these to areas that are easiest for you to access. For some people this might be on their phone, for others on a laptop: wherever you spend the most amount of time is a good place to store the information.

“I just take life as it comes” is a horrible philosophy. You are the creator of your reality, not others. You decide what your destiny is. Letting something this critical be decided by the wind is pure foolishness. Whenever I meet somebody that states this, or something to this effect, I know that I am in the midst of a time waster – the sooner we part ways, the better.


We have to be militaristic about our use of time, especially in today’s world. We are preyed upon by a malicious media that  uses art as a weapon of cultural subversion. If you allow yourself to become a passive receptacle for these influences, you will find yourself becoming spiritually poisoned. We can no longer allow our consciousness to be crafted by the demonic directors of Hollywood.

3.) Connect with Other People that are Doers

This is very important, and it’s perhaps the most challenging. We get better by surrounding ourselves with great people; conversely, we get worse by surrounding ourselves with toxic individuals. So it’s imperative that we connect with individuals that are high achievers, people who are working on lofty goals and achievements.

There’s the rub…where to find these people? As you get older, you find your associates disappearing. Some drift off to marriage, others move to different states. In addition, it becomes difficult to connect with people in many big American cities where neighbors are not in close quarters. In Los Angeles, for example, many people pull into the driveway, shut the garage door, and don’t come out until the next morning when they head back to work.


Nothing good comes easy. You have to force yourself into better social circles: go to events, be more social, approach people you think are interesting. One thing is for certain – great people are not going to knock on your door and give you million dollar advice. It’s up to use to go out into the world and connect with people.You have to make the effort – not them.


Everyday is a fight…a war against the battalions of apathy and indifference. We create our reality – we decide what’s important and what’s irrelevant. And we are besieged with a million narratives, trying to steer us into an infinite number of directions.

The solution is simple: know thyself. You goal is your own self-discovery. That is your journey, your path. You daily actions should work to serve this goal. And you should be unwavering in your pursuit of this.

Great men will clutch their destiny like a pit bull clutches his chew toy. You have to stay centered and you cannot let go.

Nature Does Not Believe in Equality

Nature Does Not Believe in Equality

This is a central point from Will Durant’s excellent book, Lessons of History:

  • Since Nature (here meaning total reality and its processes) has not read very carefully the American Declaration of Independence or the French Revolutionary Declaration of the Rights of Man, we are all born unfree and unequal: subject to our physical and psychological heredity, and to the customs and traditions of our group (p. 19-20).

Let’s go through his list here, and see if it holds weight.

1.) Physical heredity – Clearly, people are not equal in this regard. For example, some children are born premature and spend the rest of their lives with health issues. Others are born to crack mothers, or are Aids babies. These children come into the world with a weakened physical state. Thus, nature has not made them “equal” to all the other children.

2.) Psychological heredity – Again, people are not born equal. There are children born with various degrees of mental retardation. In addition to the more extreme forms, we have the lighter – yet still troublesome – afflictions like Asperger’s or Autism. These psychological afflictions play havoc on the child as he/she becomes an adult. The inability to maintain positive relationships, as well as maintain a high-paying job, reduce the person to a veritable ward of the state.

3.) Group Customs and Traditions – True again. Group customs create inequality in people, long before they reach adulthood. Various Muslim groups remove the clitoris of their daughters, Jews remove the prepuces of their boys, etc. These procedures are done to dull the sexual experience, leaving the individual with a handicap that is outside of their control.

Durant’s theory is controversial because Western culture has a cult of egalitarianism. We insist on the idea of equality, even when all evidence contradicts it. Equality has become, on some level, like “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” story. All the adults agree upon a lie, and only the child can see the obvious.

The more we persist with the idea of equality, the more work we create for ourselves; we have to continually defend a theory that contradictory to the will of nature.