The Frankfurt School is virtually unknown. Many students – even those with PHDs –  have never read about it. They focused on the death penalty, abortion, medical marijuana and so forth. However, the Frankfurt School has recently come into the spotlight (thank you, Andrew Breitbart). The “school” was a cognoscenti of Jewish thinkers that left Europe after World War 1, came to the United States, and implemented the theories of Cultural Marxism (oppressor vs. oppressed). If you want to understand the far left, you have to understand the Frankfurt School.

We can trust Wikipedia for a definition (sometimes):

They were from Germany. That part was easy.

  • Founded during the interwar period, the School consisted of dissidents who felt at home neither in the existent capitalist, fascist, nor communist systems that had formed at the time.

The “interwar period” is between 1918 and 1939. That’s just the basic info, so let’s get into the nitty gritty of the school. Here is the biggest player…

Max Horkheimer

Horkheimer was the philosophical leader of the Frankfurt School:

  • “Max Horkheimer was born into a conservative Jewish family on February 14, 1895, the only son of Moritz and Babette Horkheimer.”

Horkheimer was Jewish. His acerbic approach to German culture – communistic in nature –  was a contributing cause to the rise of the Nazis: Hitler’s hatred for communism being well documented. Horkheimer disseminated Marxism through the press and academic institutions of Germany, creating fiction between the German business owner and worker. Needless to say, Hitler had some animosity toward Horkheimer. Max  saw the writing on the wall, fleeing to the United States prior to World War 2.

Horkheimer arrives in the Big Apple, ready to start a  revolution.

Horkheimer brought economic Marixism with him to New York. Rather than be a mensch and get a real job (maybe a butcher like Lazer Wolf) he decided to pick up where he left off in Europe – causing revolution in the goyim nation. However, there was a problem: the US had a strong middle class, so Horkheimer’s brand of Marxism wouldn’t work in the land of hot dogs and hamburgers.

What kind of man would destroy a country that just saved his life? To call Max Horkheimer an ingrate is an understatement. He should have been grateful he wasn’t burning in the ovens of Auschwitz; instead, he started a culture war against the gullible goyim of America.

Horkheimer created Cultural Marxism with Herbert Marcuse (one of his fellow Jewish Frankfurters). Instead of owner vs. worker, the new conflict would be oppressor versus oppressed. The United States had historical wounds that could be capitalized on, such as slavery and segregation. So the Frankfurt School promoted identity politics, encouraging racial violence between the two groups. Some ten years after Horkheimer’s arrival, we see the growing movements of Dr. King, Malcolm X, etc. And even to this day, we see the seeds of Horkheimer’s work in the Black Lives Matter movement (funded by another revolutionary Jew in George Soros).

You need to read some Max Horkheimer!!!

There was also the “war” between men and women to be capitalized on; there’s always a natural tension between men and women. Thus, the Frankfurt School began watering the soil for the feminist movement. Note that the feminist movement was not linked to any particular cause – such as suffrage – but was a broad theoretical claim of man (the oppressor) versus woman (the oppressed). This theory was disseminated through academia and the press the same way it was in Europe: note that Horkheimer moved to Pacific Palisades, where he had Jewish friends in Hollywood. Within a decade, thanks to Horkheimer and his connections, the term “American woman” became synonymous with the non-feminine.

Patriarchy, patriarchy, patriarchy…oh yeah, and patriarchy.

Ironically, or perhaps not so ironic, nearly all the feminists from the 1970s were Jewish: Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Andrea Dworkin. These women never identified themselves as Jewish – much like Horkheimer – but pretended that their fight against the oppressed was a traditional American battle. Thus, American women came to believe that Gloria Steinem was “one of them,” when she was really an adherent to the Frankfurt School of Horkheimer. We can see the same thing today with Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook; she never proclaims her Judaism, yet she is clearly a traitorous part of the tribe. Everything she does is a recycling of the oppressor/oppressed model from the Frankfurt School.


The face of evil? Pretty much…

And finally, there was a national conflict to be capitalized on: America “the oppressor” versus the “oppressed” parts of the world, such as Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. American strength made it an ideal target for the Frankfurt School, since they could become the new bourgeoisie. Ironically, at this same time, American soldiers were dying to save Jewish lives in Europe. They were also working tirelessly with Great Britain to make Israel a nation. While Americans were fighting for European Jews, Horkheimer was figuring out ways to destroy the United States.

Again, what kind of man does this?

The Man and His Writing

The most striking thing about Horheimer’s writing is the ambiguity. You can always tell a charlatan by the evasiveness of the prose. Here is a typical excerpt:

  • “…emancipatory action is said to depend on correcting problems of thought first, such that Horkheimer would stress thought for thought’s sake. Correcting these problems would require freeing reason from instrumentality, which would mean eschewing formalism. But this does not mean eschewing reason.”

This sentence highlights a great danger in modern education—incomprehensibility. If the average person cannot understand a writer, then we must conclude that the writer is a potential criminal. Opaqueness is the attribute of a thief—you never know what he/she is saying until it’s too late. The used car salesman, for example, is vague in his approach for a reason – he’s trying to manipulate the buyer. Horkheimer relies on the vague because if he was to lay his plans clear, we would see the traitorous intent.

I have no idea what this means, but Professor Goldstein says it’s important


This is a topic that deserves far more analysis. I think a few more postings are required here, seeing how the tentacles of Cultural Marxism are well entrenched in modern US culture. Take the Chicagoan Saul Alinsky for example, author of Rules for Radicals. Alinsky was a major influence on President Obama and the President has frequently displayed an oppressor/oppressed mindset when talking about issues. We can clearly see the seeds of the Frankfurt School in the discourse of Barrack Obama.

So I’ve got more research to do. I’ll be back with a few more postings on this topic, which I hope you enjoy; so until then…Mavel Tov!




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