In December of 2005, I was speaking to a friend at a restaurant in Central America. He brought up the topic of circumcision and how it reduced the sexual pleasure in a man. I did not say anything, because I was unable to confirm or deny his statement. So I decided that I would return to the United States and do research on the topic.

In the meantime, I became very worried. Was it true? Was my penis desensitized?

The Internet was relatively new at that time. But still, there was a plethora of information on the topic of circumcision. Much of the information was conflicting. However, it was generally divided into two different opinions from men:

Pro Side

1.) Circumcised religious man, defending the process

2.) Circumcised secular American man, defending the process

3.) Man who was circumcised as an adult due to a tight foreskin, defending the process

Con Side

1.) Man who was circumcised as an adult because of social pressure, now bemoaning the loss of sensation

2.) Uncircumcised man (usually European) who could not believe anyone would want to cut their penis

My research led me to a theory; in a healthy man, circumcision leads to a loss of sexual pleasure.

Now what to do about it…I continued in my research until I found out about foreskin restoration. It sounded awkward and uncomfortable, but I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

Step 1: Creating Loose Skin

Most American men have what is called a “tight” circumcision. That means there is little mobile skin on the penis. I was in that camp. So I used a film container, along with medical tape, to gently pull the shaft skin forward. It was an arduous process, often resulting in cuts and bruises. However, after several months I was able to loosen the skin a bit.

Insert your circumcised penis in a film container, stretch the skin forward, and tape it to the sides of the container.

Around two months in, something strange happened. I began to feel more sensation on my penis: a light tingling feeling. Masturbation was more pleasurable. I had the little “hint” I needed that my thesis was correct. I doubled down on my efforts and became more committed to restoring my foreskin.

Note: There is actually a scientific reason behind the change in sensation. When a man is circumcised, a layer of skin grows over the exposed penis to protect it (termed keratinization). When the penis is covered again, the dead skin falls off and exposes the nerves that had been buried underneath (referred to as dekeratinization).

Step 2: Use a TLC Tugger

Next, I bought a TLC Tugger; this was the most popular foreskin restoration device on the market. It was made by Ron Low, a man that’s a pioneer/advocate in the foreskin restoration field. He is to foreskin restoration what Steve Jobs is to the iPhone.

The TLC Tugger…returning the circumcised man to a state of pleasure-filled glory!!!

The tugger is a clamp-style device that gently stretches the foreskin; it should be noted that what I was stretching was actually shaft skin, since there is no replacing the actual foreskin. The clamp is place on the penis, and then a strap goes around your leg (or over your shoulder). This causes a gentle pull on the shaft skin, moving it slowly forward. Note that skin is malleable; for example, you grow more skin when you gain weight. So conceptually, this same thing is being done to the shaft skin.

This process lasted for about two years. I just continued in my daily activities, leaving the TLC on to do its thing. I went to work, mailed the bills, did my laundry, etc. I tried to forget that I had a Medieval contraption hanging from my genitals. I quickly realized that if I concentrated on it that I would become overwhelmed with negative emotion. So I pushed that out of my mind and stayed committed to the goal.

My payday happened one day in 2007.  I was receiving oral sex from a girlfriend when lighting bolts went shooting through my body. Ding!!! Ding!! Ding!! Hello…what do we have here?

Receiving my first blowjob with a newly restored foreskin.

I had reached the promised land: there was enough slack skin to roll over the newly sensitized penis. In short, my fake foreskin was recreating the job of an actual foreskin – a skin tube rolling over highly sensitized nerve endings. I was home!

From that day forward, it’s been Disneyland in my pants. Prior to my restoration, I had some great experiences – or so I thought. In hindsight, they were all experiences that centered around HER pleasure: “Boy, I really made her cum last night,” etc. But now there was a profound difference; the experiences I was having were mine. And they were damn good.

Ironically, the more pleasure I started having, the more that my partners began to have. They could sense my pleasure and this made them more excited. There is an interconnected aspect to sexual intercourse, and having genitals that function correctly is an integral part of this.

Step 3: Continue Manual Tugging

There was one drawback to the new foreskin. At times, it would not “hold” in place. This was often due to a change in weather. So I had to continually tug it back over the glans (head). This has become, even to this day, a kind of daily exercise.

As it turns out, there is a muscle in the foreskin that holds it in place. So when you restore your foreskin (which is essentially shaft skin) you do not have this muscle. So you periodically have to push your faux foreskin back into place. The solution is to do around 1,000 stretchces a day, or to periodically wear a band aid to keep the foreskin in place.

This photo provides a general idea of the goal:

The science of foreskin restoration. Thank God for the internet.


Everyday, I thank God I was born in the this era. Thanks to the internet, I was able to improve my sexual experiences. I thought that sex was good before. Sure, it was good…but not like this. Now it is on another level entirely.

Before I was watching television in black and white; now it’s in technicolor.


23 thoughts on “How I Restored My Foreskin

    1. Thank you for the reblog. Restoration is all about achieving pleasure-filled glory that was destined from God. Change starts one stretch at a time (and of course, by not cutting in the first place).

  1. Thank you for sharing and posting, more circumcised men need to read and understand this. You share the truth what circumcision did to all of us. The fantastic news is foreskin restoration is the answer that heals and makes us whole again.
    When this truth becomes the normal our culture can then understand why it is so great to keep baby boys intact and not circumcise.

    1. Hello Norm,

      Thank you for the response as well. I appreciate the work you are doing.

      I have told hundreds of men about foreskin restoration: the improved sensations, the better orgasms, the higher self-esteem, etc. Yet to this day, not one has undergone foreskin restoration. I now believe that foreskin restoration is like a diamond, specifically meant for the chosen few who have the courage and intelligence to complete the procedure. I consider myself to be in the “elite” club. I am one of the chosen few in America who understands the glory of natural sex. Meanwhile, the rest of our American brothers continue being deprived of these important sensations – little wonder our nation is in a constant state of frustration and anger.

      The sad truth is this that the majority of people will not be brought to foreskin restoration via our proselytizing, but via their own need for self-inquiry. In that way, the best we can do is serve as an informational resource. We help those who want to be helped.

  2. Great article! I was circumcised as a teenager. Comparing the after and the before, I totally relate to your black and white vs technicolor comparison. Now I’m inching my way back towards regaining whole genitals thanks to foreskin restoration. I can’t tug at work, so it’s taking some time, but I have more and more loose skin: every month or couple of months I feel I take a little new step, and each time masturbation feels a little better! I expected esthetic results at first (having skin covering the glans again), but as it turned out, increased pleasure came first.

    I still need quite some time to achieve full coverage, yet I’m already thinking about how to keep the new foreskin in place. I think part of my frenulum was not removed, and I’m wondering if any surgery could be performed to reattach it to the new foreskin. I suppose it’s a long shot, but once I have enough foreskin I think I’ll ask a urologist.

    Even the removal of the foreskin of the clitoris is considered a sexual mutilation by the WHO. It’s time for the madness to end, especially in the US. Fortunately, here in Europe, routine infant circumcision does not exist, but in many countries male circumcision is still the only sexual mutilation that is socially accepted.

    1. “I still need quite some time to achieve full coverage, yet I’m already thinking about how to keep the new foreskin in place.”

      I use the tip of a baby bottle at times. Even with a good amount of restored skin, the faux foreskin periodically wants to inch itself off the glans – due to temperature changes, I believe.

    2. “I think part of my frenulum was not removed.”

      I don’t believe so. However, you can regain the pleasure to the new foreskin rolling back and forth over the frenulum remnant which, as you already know. is highly pleasurable.

    3. “I can’t tug at work, so it’s taking some time, but I have more and more loose skin.”

      I tug at the gym, while on the stairmaster. It’s really produced amazing gains. So I get me hour or cardio exercise, while simoultaneously receiving hearty tugs (equivalent to pronounced acts of manual stretching). Nobody knows I’m restoring of course, since it just looks like I’m using the stairmaster in a normal fashion.

    1. Thank you, Braford.

      Foreskin restoration is so much better than being cut. Profoundly better. We need to get the info out there, since the powers-that-be want us to remain in the ablated, weakened state.

  3. im thinking about restoring and I want to but I have been having discomfort after masterbation or sex for awhile now. I went to a dr and he just checked me for stds and when I was clear said it is probably nothing basically. Im kinda worried to restore since I might have something else going on but at the same time maybe im just starting to get friction burns from tight skin or dryness from being circumcised. So I’ll probably try this and see if there is any change. Nothing to lose I guess.

    1. Thanks for the response, Jay.

      Note that most US doctors are themselves circumcised; moreover, a lot of US medical literature is pro-circumcision. So expecting him to provide you with a educated perspective on this topi will often prove futile.

      Do you know your C level? Also, do you have a decent frenulum remnant left? These are some good questions to ask as you begin this process.

    1. The body and soul are interconnected. If somebody’s body is afflicted with a horrible condition, such as circumcision, then it has a detrimental effect on his soul.

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