The college campus is ground zero when it comes to the SJW narrative. Most of my readers already know this. Sadly, the deviants have recently been doubling down on their behavior: they’ve gone from carrying a “rape mattress” on campus to putting tampons in the men’s bathroom.  The halls of academia are starting to resemble a freak show.

Sadly, the dysfunction is promoted by left-wing teachers. These teachers manipulate the students through a careful arrangement of activities and assignments. They corral the students to a “correct” answer—one that usually points a middle finger to conservative thought. If students try to disagree, many are punished with a lower grade. Subsequently, students are forced to shut up and watch the class become indoctrinated.

I taught at the college level for many years. My experience has shown me that a student should not protest in class, after class, or to the department chair. Remember that the far-left have control over all levels of higher education. If you challenge them, then you run the risk of having your GPA damaged. If you take your complaint to the department chair, you’ll find that she has a PHD in Women’s Studies and that she’s even worse than your teacher.

So you have to be smart. I recommend the following strategies for combatting the epidemic of left-wing teachers. I think these tactics can be effective on a small level. And if enough people do them, they can make a difference on a larger level.

Destroy the Teacher’s Reputation on Rate My Professor

Rate my Professor is an online site where students do what the title implies – they rate the performance of their professors. Many teachers rely on good feedback from this site to get future classes. Remember that most college instructors are part time, and that their jobs depend on future enrollment. If the teacher receives a flood of bad reviews on Rate My Professor, then the teacher’s class can be cancelled due to low enrollment. Years ago, a department chair informed me that I should be very mindful of my reviews on this site, since it correlated with his ability to assign me classes.

Students should be exposing left-wing bias on Rate My Professor


After your semester is over, I encourage you to go onto the site and post negative feedback about any SJW professors. If these teachers were particularly egregious in pushing their narrative, then you can post multiple comments. You’ll have to open a few burner accounts, but these can easily be deleted later. The point is that you’re hitting back, letting them know that you won’t tolerate an abuse of power.

Troll the Teacher’s YouTube Channel

Many instructors are now using YouTube to post informative videos. For example, it’s common for an English instructor to post information on how to write an essay, or a mathematics teacher to post some strategies on algebra. It’s almost become mandatory for instructors to have some sort of video component to their courses.

Many teachers have You Tube channels that can be trolled

I recommend that students troll the YouTube channel of their left-wing instructors. Postings should make the viewers aware that the teacher is a politically biased individual to be avoided. Also, you can add any other information that you feel is relevant: the teacher is late in grading papers, is prone to favoritism, etc.

Again, you can make several comments if you have a few burner accounts. I recommend that you space the postings out so that they don’t look suspicious (avoid five negative comments in one day, for example). The best time to troll the page is at the end of a semester. This is when students are most likely to provide their input on the course. The teacher will see that students are on to the game, and other students will be aware of it as well.

Note: If you have a teacher that scrubs the comments clean, then I encourage you to troll the department’s YouTube page: English, History, etc.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can also damage a teacher’s reputation. Although your audience is smaller than my previous two suggestions, it can actually be effective. That’s because young students will talk to one another about what teachers to take. This is especially true of female students who are more gossip oriented.

Note that word of mouth can also translate into a cold approach. For example, you can locate an attractive girl in the student cafeteria. Open her by stating that you are trying to pick out classes for the next semester, and that you’d like her advice on a specific teacher or class. Mention that you’ve had a bad experience with a recent teacher (insert SJW professor’s name) and that you want to avoid that scenario again. You don’t have to be specific about why you didn’t like the teacher—she will remember the teacher’s name, which is the important thing.

The bonus of course is that now you’ve opened her up. You can end the conversation by telling her to meet you at a popular event on the weekend, or asking her number. This could lead to a date and…hopefully, a bang. So you’ve “killed two birds with one.”


There is an old saying in football: “The best defense is a good offense.” If we can learn anything from SJW’s, it’s about the advantage of attacking. You catch the opposition off guard, forcing them into a careless mistake.

It’s time to reverse the trend. If a left-wing instructor has a weakness (especially a woman) then it’s hubris. The modern college is a tenured oligarchy, where dissenting voices are systematically removed. After time, they start to believe that the opposition does not exist. Given this reality, one can take pleasure in rattling their cages.

Academics are sacred. The longer that we let these rabble rousers pollute the halls of our noble universities, the more damaged our countries will become. It’s time to let them know that we see them, and we won’t accept their subversive Weltanschauung.

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