The Major was on vacation for the week. As he sat on a Caribbean beach, he noticed several Western women that were heavily tatted. By “tatted,” let’s say more than 10 tattoos.

A year ago, their gait was different. They were walking with a confident stride. The liberal Obama presidency had filled them with the desire to be “bad girls,” to hoist a middle finger in the face of traditional, feminine beauty. CNN was promising a Hillary victory and a future that was female. The culture was deranged and they were enjoying their place atop of it.

But now we have the Trump presidency and the elegant femininity of Melania and Ivanka. The Trump women embody what men want: skinny frames, long hair, skin free of ink. They embrace male sexual desire, instead of repudiating it; in short, they’re a feminist nightmare.

This is what most men desire (sorry Andrea Dworkin)

There has been no Western society in the last 3,000 years that applauded the “beauty” of a woman covered in tattoos. These heavily-tatted women were banking on a trend that had no historical pedigree. They took the bait of their enemies, fellow women looking to remove competitors from the mating market. The heavily-tatted women played the useful idiot for their frenemies in the media. Now they’ll experience a sharp decline in their sexual market value, and their descent down the social ladder won’t be pretty.

Expect hysterics.

They’ll Become Self-Destructive

Cymbalta, alcoholism, multiple cat purchases…we can expect all of these things and more. Nearly a third of Western women are already mentally ill, and I predict that number will remain steady. Because these tattooed women are visibly marked, they won’t be able to escape from their bad life decisions. They’ll be like a person that parades around with a dunce cap, their stupidity on clear display.

Their bitterness  will be enhanced by the fact that many twenty-something girls WON’T be tattooed.

Would you rather have one of these, or a heavily tatted 40-year-old with a feminist chip on her shoulder? That’s what I thought…

Women are competitive, if nothing else. And there’s always a new batch on younger, hotter women on the horizon. When a forty-year old woman with 50 tattoos looks at a twenty-something with zero, you can expect the animosity to be extreme. These heavily tatted women will stumble back to their rooms, drowning their anger in red wine and Cymbalta.

Note: This anger will be magnified by their poor coping mechanisms. They grew up in the era of “girl power,” where a woman is never held accountable for her actions. Just take a look at Rhonda Rousey, the poster child for the chicks-with-dicks movement. Her comment after the loss to Holly Holm was telling: “I really do believe I’m still undefeated because being defeated is a choice. Everybody has losses in their life, but I choose to always be undefeated.”

Many modern women share Rosuey’s disconnect from reality – a fart is perfume, as long as they believe it is. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to shrug off their tattoos that easily. Expect hamster rationalization, followed by a descent into depression.

They Will Be Lower Wage Earners

As these tattooed women get older, they will probably be poor. Some service industry jobs have hired these people, true. However, there’s a big difference between being “allowed” to work somewhere and kicking ass in the financial sector. Today’s worker needs to shift between a variety of workplace scenarios, negotiating with people from all walks of life. Being heavily tatted will mitigate against these goals. You’re relegated to dealing with people who can accept you as opposed to being able to work with anyone.

It will be harder for women like this to make good money in the future, which I think is great.

Another obstacle for heavily-tatted women will be their age. Remember that businesses are always looking to hire young, attractive people. Think of a typical restaurant owner, for example. He needs to maximize his profits. So why would he hire an old tattooed lady when he can hire a young woman without ink? He will do what’s best for his business, which means that he will hire people that are “clean looking.” This will work against the heavily tattooed woman, increasing the likelihood that she experiences poverty.

Poverty sucks, in many different ways. You can’t afford top-notch health insurance (or any insurance at all) which means you are more likely to receive substandard medical care. You cannot afford the best foods; this means you have to eat the GMO-laden crap that the food industry shills out to the masses. And you’re unable to  capitalize on all the niceties of life: vacations, reliable transportation, etc. This is the world that is facing many women that are heavily tattooed.


The culture war is real. We are about to experience the next wave of victims in the form of the heavily-tattooed woman. They are the latest group of useful idiots in the Cultural Marxist (oppressor versus oppressed) assault on America. The Cultural Marxists convinced these women that traditional America was “oppressing” them, and that they needed to fight back. These women took the bait and now they are inked for life – they took themselves “out of the game” so to speak. They are also beyond going to a tattoo removal facility; they have too many to remove, and attempting this would only make the situation worse.

Wars are fought with ideologies, in addition to weapons. The amount of Western women that have desecrated their bodies is a like the Battle of Verdun in this struggle. Thousands of casualties have been taken to fulfill the goals of the globalist elites, and the amount of anguish that will be created is substantial.

If nothing else, the next few years should be interesting…

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