Imagine there was a podium in the middle of a town square. Only five speakers were allowed at the podium every day. The discussion topics were clearly outlined for the speakers, designed to improve the morale of the citizenry. The podium became the informational center of the town; it created the collective reality of the people that lived there.

Your mind is like that podium. Only a certain amount of conversations can be held every day. And what will the conversations be about? Will they improve your morale? Will they provide positive information to guide your life? These conversations in your mind will create the reality of your life.

The greatest challenge in life—removing negative conversations from your mind. Removing negative speakers from the podium.

You should learn to have prejudice. You should learn to discriminate. Not everybody has a worthy conversation, or a positive message. Many people merely want to pour their unhappiness into you. They’re unable to solve their problems, so they want to share their misery. They’re not looking for a solution—merely an audience.

Who occupies your mind? The answer should be clear—only the greatest thinkers of humanity. Only the people who are successful in life. Only the people who are active, instead of passive. Only the people who are “doers.”

There is a war for possession of your thoughts—you must fight to control the battlefield.

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