Conservative soldier to wife: “Gee honey, you’ll never believe what I did. I single handedly defeated 50 ISIS fighters in a firefight. My courage brought democracy to a small village in the rural mountains of Iraq!”

Wife to husband: “That sounds great, but I have some bad news. Our daughter got two arm-sleeve tattoos and is undergoing sexual reassignment surgery. She says that you have no right to protest because you’re a cisgendered, white male.

The degenerate left will happily take the second victory…and take it all day long. They want your Church, your spouse and your child. They want to poz you with their spiritual sickness. They want to denigrate the fundamental fabric of American society. And they’ve used the public school system, the press and Hollywood as their weapons. For fifty years, they’re been doing a brash, touchdown dance on the football fields of America.

Silly conservatives…they became satisfied with moral victories in distant lands. Meanwhile, while these conservatives were deployed overseas, their homeland was being spiritually sodomized. Their noble land, a country overflowing with natural grandeur, being overtaken by the forces of darkness—the idealistic foot soldiers of the diabolical Max Horkheimer. The degenerate left was laughing in hysterics…the right was too stupid, too riddled with PTSD to ever wake up. Victory was on the way—Hillary would arrive, a proud feminist, to hammer the final nail in the American coffin.

But then they got grabbed by the pussy.

Why do liberals despise President Trump? It’s quite simple—he’s dared to challenge their control of the culture. That’s the liberal sacred cow, their Dome of the Rock. He dared to challenge Rosie O’ Donnell, Meryl Streep and Hamilton—for liberals, these things are 100 times important than the lives of Iraqi children. These “artists” are the conduit for cultural poison. If you remove them, there is no way to denigrate the noble spirit of America.

Never forget—we’re fighting a culture war. If you don’t know what you’re fighting for, then you’ve already lost.


9 thoughts on “The Difference Between a Conservative Victory and Liberal Victory

      1. Yes Ron, it’s very difficult sometimes. I had an attack of the heebie jeebies myself last Friday watching a press conference by Tony Bliar, our ex PM! He is setting up an organisation to thwart our decision to leave the European Union. He is such a damned hypocrite and actually used the words “the people should rise up and stop this …..” Not a single journalist challenged him and at one moment gave him a round of applause! Thankfully the general backlash has been enormous, just as it was when Obama said we would go to the back of the queue for trade deals …. he single handedly ensured every Englishman at lease voted to Leave.

      2. It’s frightening when you think about how many of these politicians, both in the States and in England, are being controlled by larger globalist interests. And it’s sad to see old conservatives such as Tony Blair go against the will of the people.

    1. Good point, sir Glass. One might even say that the camera applauds said touchdown dance, then sends a bevy of “journalists” to further applaud the social importance of the moment.

      1. Dr. B, He was referring to American football. I believe that Lou was making a general commentary, adding to the analogy, of how the left loves to applaud social degeneracy.

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