So how were the pyramids constructed? A simple search in google scholar will overwhelm the visitor. Here are just a few…

The Second Book of Histories by Herodotus.

This pyramid was made after the manner of steps, which some call “rows” and others “bases”: and when they had first made it thus, they raised the remaining stones with machines made of short pieces of timber, raising them first from the ground to the first stage of the steps, and when the stone got up to this it was placed upon another machine standing on the first stage, and so from this it was drawn to the second upon another machine; for as many as were the courses of the steps, so many machines there were also, or perhaps they transferred one and the same machine, made so as easily to be carried, to each stage successively, in order that they might take up the stones; for let it be told in both ways, according as it is reported. However that may be, the highest parts of it were finished first, and afterwards they proceeded to finish that which came next to them, and lastly they finished the parts of it near the ground and the lowest ranges.

Ancient Egyptian Construction and Architecture by Somers Clarke and R. Engelbach:

Based on thirty years of research and investigation, much of it firsthand, the present work offers a detailed examination of Egyptian quarrying methods, transportation of stone, foundations, mortar, techniques for dressing and laying blocks of stone, pyramid construction, facing, sculpturing and painting masonry, brickwork, Egyptian mathematics and much more.

Nearly 270 photographs and other illustrations bring the text to life, providing superb pictorial documentation of actual sites and excavations, quarries, building plans, architects’ diagrams and elevations and a myriad of construction details. Also presented are such evocative materials as a map for gold miners in the time of Seti I, photographs of tool marks left by ancient quarry workers, mason’s guidelines on a column in the Great Hall at Karnak, a scene of workmen polishing a sphinx and other small details that bridge the centuries and remind us that flesh-and-blood human beings sweated and toiled to accomplish the marvelous technical feats so well described here.

These are just two of thousands. The construction of the Egyptian pyramids has been written about ad nauseum, discussed to near exhaustion by academics all over the globe. It’s a topic that can fill a library. It’s there for you to learn – all you need is the time, discipline, and intellectual integrity.

Some three thousand years later, here is the popular opinion on how the pyramids were built:


Henry David Thoreau believed that education was the answer to societal woes. How wrong he was. Now we have the world at our fingertips, but we persist with lazy intellectual conclusions. We prefer to stymie the work of others than seek the truth. We’d rather deny the truth than admit our ignorance on a topic.

Aliens creating the pyramids…an unfortunate sign of a cultural decline.


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