“Marriage is not regarded as a means for intellectual entertainment, but for the generation of children.”

This idea captures the Metaphysics of Love. It’s a wonderful article by Schopenhauer, containing thoughts that would be censored by the PC police of today.  Schopenhauer discusses what a man wants in a woman, as well as what a woman wants in a man; He believes that sexual preference is biological predisposition—that we’re operating on the animalistic.

In other words…

It’s not about what you want—it’s about what the species needs.

The most interesting part was about male sexual preference. As men, we’re constantly told what to like: the Warrior Princess, the Parisian runway model, Amy Shumer’s flabby thighs, etc. To the Major, these are the methods of manipulation…a social engineering project.

So let’s take a look at Schopenhauer; let’s see if he’s able to kill the pretty lies.

What are the Five Things that Men are Looking for?

1.) “The first consideration that influences out feelings and choice is age…”

True enough. Men value a woman who is younger—this should be self-evident to anybody with two eyes. Notice how men will fawn over a female singer when she’s 25, yet ignore her when she’s 45; Notice how they’ll ignore a 50-year old woman that changes her profile pic on Facebook, but they’ll like and comment when a 25-year old does it. This is the reality of the sexual marketplace. Very brutal. It’s similar to how women will treat men that are short: with apathy and ambivalence.

2.) “The second consideration is that of health: a severe illness may alarm us for the time being, but an illness of a chronic nature or even cachexy frightens us away, because it would be transmitted.”

Most young women don’t have a physical illness. However, there’s an alarming number of American women that have a mental illness—you might call it a “chronic” illness, to quote Schopenhauer; it’s a depression that never gets better. On a personal note, my first wife was mentally ill—bipolar, to be exact. Over time, I began to question my own sanity. I was gas lighted, manipulated, emotionally tortured…you name it. By the grace of God (and a skilled divorce attorney) I was saved.

Is a mental illness contagious? If you’ve lived with somebody that’s crazy, you already know the answer.

3.) The third consideration is the skeleton…nothing disgusts us so much as a deformed shape.

True enough…most men would never date a cripple. For some reason, I thought about the girl with two heads that appeared on The Learning Channel. Man, I felt sorry for those girls. They were so positive, so filled with love. What does life have in store for them? Will they find romantic love? I seriously doubt it. It’s hard enough to find a partner when you have a normal physique, but for a woman with two heads?  I don’t want to imagine…very sad.

4.) The fourth consideration is a certain plumpness, in other words, a superabundance of the vegetative function….

Schopenhauer is not talking about a Chubby Chaser. He’s not talking about the man who wanted to immobilize his wife, because he was sexually aroused by her physical mobility. He’s talking about “Mother Hips,” to put it plainly. A woman that appears capable of conception. A woman that can spend months in the “vegetative” state, waiting to conceive (such as the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy). A woman that’s poised to give birth.

See Venus of Willendorf (Note: All the chaps at the Caves of Lascaux were trying to hit that)

5.) Finally, we come to the consideration of beautiful eyes and a beautiful forehead.

Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a woman’s eyes, specifically. And I know I’ve never looked at her forehead (unless her forehead was extra-large). But I get his point—physical symmetry is all the rage.

Schopenhauer’s analysis is proven correct by the plastic surgery industry. Women spend millions of dollars to move a cheek here, to move a nose there. I’ll never forget when I needed surgery to correct a deviated septum. I sat in the plastic surgeon’s office…just me and 50 women. The surgeon drove up to the office in his Ferrari, stepping out like James Bond.  The guy was a millionaire because he did one thing well—he gave physical symmetry to women.


Overall, I think that Schopenhauer is spot on. Humans are here to procreate…to continue the species. It’s the Serengeti. It’s kill or be killed. We’re not here to surf Netflix, order bath towels on Amazon, or stare out the window of StarCucks. The species wants to continue—for right or wrong, it wants to exist. It wants to be.

I highly recommend Metaphysics of Love. It’s an article that you will find interesting, and it still reads well for the modern audience. For access to the text, click on the following link: http://misterjung.com/love/schopenhauer.pdf

4 thoughts on “Article Review: “The Metaphysics of Love” by Arnold Schopenhauer

  1. Yeah but Major you were the one who goes “I love my wife” which sounds exactly,
    to me, like a beta lament, “My wife owns me.”


    (1) “My wife loves me and I love her back.”

    (2) “We have a relationship full of love.”

    (3) “She’s okay, but I could do better.”

    Dread game, man. (3). Live it. Love it. Walk the talk.

      1. And that’s exactly the best way to use it. Lightly but painfully, like a sharp slash of the crop on a horse, but a crop that’s edged with little razor triangles.

        Sorry, but women need it. In another world, perhaps it would be different. But you and I know that if you don’t discipline women in SOME WAY, they bite. They get bored, they bite. They want to bond with girlfriends, so they use a male “thing” to share their BFF-ness, the cunts.

        No, the crop/lash is necessary and good. This is the best of all possible worlds.

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