There’s a new line of human being on the market – the George Soros Collection. Can’t find a personality to wear today? No problem…George Schwartz (AKA Soros) has a ready-made persona just for you. Just slip it on and you’re ready to go!

Here are the three most popular items in the collection:

1.) The BLM Protester

Notice the excess of fat on both of them…a result of too many sausage links at the Waffle House.

It’s common knowledge that George Soros funded many of the BLM riots. He held them like a skilled puppeteer, making them dance at will. He laughed in glee as they stupidly looted and rioted.

If you’re a black person with low sexual market value, you too can be part of the George Soros Collection. You can find an excuse for your personal failure. Remember those lonely Saturday nights? Now they can be filled with rallies, meetings and events. You can meet other losers and blame “whitey.”

1.) The Beta-Male Hipster


This is a Vladimir Milcin; he worls for the George’s Open Society Foundation in Skopje, Macedonia. Notice the peevish dejection in his face, the lack of muscle lass, the slumped-over posture. He’s like a Macedonian Ray Romano.

Soros loves the hipster. He provides a sense of purpose to men like Milcin (not a prepuce, which Soros lost at a Hungarian briss). Milcin believes that chicks will dig this “wild and crazy guy” at the Blue Martini in Skopje. Of course, he’s sadly mistaken. Milcin – like most hipsters – is doomed to failure in the sexual marketplace.

Note that the same model can be found in other cities, particularly Portland, Oregon.

3.) Hillary Clinton

Hillary received funding from George Soros.

This is Hillary Clinton. She is, perhaps, the most prominent line in the George Soros Collection. She’s the empowered, modern woman who “don’t need no man” (except of course, for the billionaires who funded her rise to the top).

Hillary’s are everywhere. They wear pussy hats, go on slut walks, and take Cymbalta for depression. They are the disposable idiots. They are the foot soldiers in the Soros army, fighting a million menstrual battles in the HR departments of America.

The Hillary model is currently under redesign due to the recent elections. Expect a new brand in the Spring, ready to take the hallways of academia by storm.


4 thoughts on “The George Soros Collection

  1. I am oscillating here Ron between unbridled admiration for your genius analysis and helpless laughter. What more can I say except “brilliant”!

      1. I will have one for YOU tomorrow categorising the different types of anti-Brexiteers, inspired by your post 👍

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