When a Western man goes to the third world, he interacts with the local women. He might start by visiting prostitutes, or by dating a non “working” girl. Eventually, if he decides to live there, he falls into one of two categories:

Type 1—Married with children to a beautiful, local woman. Truth be told, he’s in high demand wherever he goes: Germany, France, the USA, etc. But he’s chosen a foreign land. The local women can see that he’s powerful, that he’s on a higher level. His vision of the world is wider than that of the local men. She pays him back with dedication.

Type 2 – Single with a series of unsuccessful relationships.  Truth be told, he’s unsuccessful wherever he goes. Now that he’s chosen a foreign land, he hopes that things will change. But eventually, the women find out that he’s weak, that he’s lacking in vision. He’s unable to change and—often times—the women will play tricks on him. They punish him with lies and deception.

For the Western man, the foreign country is a welcome respite. They don’t have slut walks, pussy hats or Jessica Valenti. In short, less feminism.

But let’s be clear, a foreign country won’t solve your relationship problems. If your game is strong, the ex-pat life is great; if your game is weak, the ex-pat life is better…for the time being. Eventually, self-improvement will come knocking on your door and you’ll need to answer.

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