I really like the song “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac. Musically, it has great dynamics; it builds from slow vocals into a soaring crescendo of instruments.

But like so many songs, the glory is ruined with a lyrical inspection. I’ve come to believe that it’s not a song about love; rather, it’s a song dedicated to stalking. A frightening descent into human depravity.

Given that Stevie Nicks is singing, I’ll assume it’s from a woman’s perspective…

You could be my silver spring….
Blue-green..colors flashin’
I would be your only dream…..
Your shinin’ on ocean crashin’….

So far, so good. I’m in…

And did you say that she’s pretty….
and did you say that she loves you…?
Baby I don’t wanna know.

Ouch. That’s sad. A relationship that ended. Two ships that passed in the night…a love that was not meant to be (insert one hundred other cliches into the parenthesis).

I’ll begin not to love you…
Turn around, you’ll see me runnin’
I’ll say I loved you years ago…
And tell myself you never loved me….No……

We’re beginning to see that this relationship was one-sided. She was into him. He…not so much into her.

And did you say she was pretty….
And did you say that she loves you…?
Baby, I don’t wanna know….Oh no…..
And can you tell me…was it worth it….?
Really, I don’t wanna know..

She’s really upset about the ex’s new squeeze.

Time cast a spell on you…that you won’t forget me…
I know I could have loved you but you would not let me….

Let it go, dear. Let it go…

Time cast a spell on you…that you won’t forget me…
I know I could’ve loved you, but you would not let me..

There’s other fish in the sea…stay strong.

I’ll follow you down ’til the sound of my voice will haunt you..

Ok, it just got weird.

You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you..

I’m officially frightened…


12 thoughts on “Is “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac a Song About Stalking?

      1. But Sting seems more sincere than malevolent, and what malevolence he does have appears like a purple cloak on him.

  1. Well now that you put it like that. 😀 Just got done reading Mick Fleetwood’s fascinating autobiography so this post caught my eye.

  2. I’m a massive Fleetwood Mac fan but after coming across this post, I think it’s fair to say I won’t be able to listen to ‘Silver Springs’ in the same way again!

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