On the adult male, the average foreskin is equivalent in size to a 3 X 5 index card. Think about that a moment – let it ruminate. I’ll wait for you…

Ok, now ask yourself a question: do you think it’s meaningless? Follow your gut, listen to your heart…what do they tell you? It should be obvious.

Do you have any meaningless parts of your body? Your liver, your kidneys, your eyelids…of course not. Everything is there for a reason. Everything has a function. Everything has a purpose. Everything is playing a part in survival and – perhaps more importantly – in pleasure.

Here’s a short list of everything that’s in that “meaningless” foreskin:

  • Frenar Band – The frenar band is a group of soft ridges near the junction of the inner and outer foreskin. This region is the primary erogenous zone of the intact male body. Loss of this delicate belt of densely innervated, sexually responsive tissue reduces the fullness and intensity of sexual response.
  • Meissner’s Corpuscles – These are thousands of coiled fine-touch receptors. Also lost are branches of the dorsal nerve, and between 10,000 and 20,000 specialized erotogenic nerve endings of several types. Together these detect subtle changes in motion and temperature, as well as fine gradations in texture.
  • Frenulum – This is a highly erogenous V-shaped structure on the underside of the glans that tethers the foreskin. During circumcision it is frequently either amputated with the foreskin or severed, which destroys or diminishes its sexual and physiological functions.
  • Dartos Fascia – A temperature-sensitive smooth muscle sheath which lies between the outer layer of skin and the corpus cavernosa.
  • Immunological System – The soft mucosa (inner foreskin) contains its own immunological defense system which produces plasma cells. These cells secrete immunoglobulin antibodies as well as antibacterial and antiviral proteins, including the pathogen killing enzyme lysozyme.
  • Lymphatic Vessels – The loss of these vessels due to circumcision reduces the lymph flow within that part of the body’s immune system.
  • Estrogen Receptors – The presence of estrogen receptors within the foreskin has only recently been discovered. Their purpose is not yet understood and needs further study.
  • Apocrine Glands – These glands of the inner foreskin produce pheromones – nature’s powerful, silent, invisible behavioral signals to potential sexual partners. The effect of their absence on human sexuality has never been studied.
  • Sebaceous Glands – The sebaceous glands may lubricate and moisturize the foreskin and glans, which is normally a protected internal organ.
  • Langerhans Cells – These specialized epithelial cells are a component of the immune system in the penis.
  • Natural Glans Coloration – The natural coloration of the glans and inner foreskin (usually hidden and only visible to others when sexually aroused) is considerably more intense than the permanently exposed and keratinized coloration of a circumcised penis. The socio-biological function of this visual stimulus has never been studied.
  • Length and Circumference – Circumcision removes some of the length and girth of the penis – its double-layered wrapping of loose and usually overhanging foreskin is removed. A circumcised penis is truncated and thinner than it would have been if left intact.
  • Blood Vessels – Several feet of blood vessels, including the frenular artery and branches of the dorsal artery, are removed in circumcision. The loss of this rich vascularization interrupts normal blood flow to the shaft and glans of the penis, damaging the natural function of the penis and altering its development.
  • Dorsal Nerves – The terminal branch of the pudendal nerve connects to the skin of the penis, the prepuce, the corpora cavernosa, and the glans. Destruction of these nerves is a rare but devastating complication of circumcision. If cut during circumcision, the top two-thirds of the penis will be almost completely without sensation.

As you can see, the situation is grave. America’s problem is not Antifa riots or PBS funding. It’s the mutilation of our nation, the truncating of our sons. The stone-age cult of Judaism, transplanted to the modern world.

Fortunately, there is hope – foreskin restoration. The Major has taken the plunge and he has good news…pleasure CAN BE RESTORED. Yes, there is hope!!!

Businessman Crossing the Finish Line
Thank you, Major Styles! Thank you for teaching me about foreskin restoration!!!

What’s the purpose of life? For Major Styles, the answer is clear: whole body orgasms, multiple orgasms, a tidal wave of pleasure. In other words…the foreskin.

The most important index card in the world.

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