Bill Nye has recently been promoting male feminism. Apparently, people are no longer interested in the “science nerd” shtick.

On his program “Bill Nye Saves the World,” he recently had a segment featuring Rachel Bloom (another Jewish feminist). At any rate, Bloom sang a tune that was aimed at “all the single ladies,” or perhaps the married women that are dreaming of Wisteria Lane.

And the lyrics…what’s not to love?

“My vagina has its own voice”

“Versatile love may have some butt stuff”

“There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew”

“Don’t box in my box”

“Drag queen, drag king. Just do what feels right”

Here’s a link to the video (if you can stomach it): “My Sex Junk” by Rachel (((Bloom)))


Bill Nye is 61, single, with no children. He was married once for 7 weeks (yes, 7 weeks) to a woman that played the oboe. The marriage was declared invalid and he had to file a protective order against the woman. It should also be noted that his reputation is not one of a Hollywood playboy.

So Bill Nye – despite his financial fame and celebrity – is the involuntary celibate (Incel). It’s little wonder that now he’s ringing the bell of feminism, hoping to draw the attention of a liberal Western woman. Very predictable.

The male feminist is a sexual predator – faux sympathy is the weapon on choice. He’s unable to attract a woman with the usual male attributes: a strong build, self confidence, etc. So instead, he pretends to be “down with the struggle.” He’s a liar. And ultimately, his goal is no different than the womanizer: get ‘er into bed ASAP.

So why is Bill Nye a feminist? It’s simple…the same reason that all men claim to support feminism. To take a woman’s clothes off.


19 thoughts on “Why Did Bill Nye Become a Feminist?

  1. When you put it like this, it sounds like women do really run the world.

    Anyhoo, I grew up watching Bill Nye, and always enjoyed the way he explained science. I also enjoy his takedown of religious tale.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Ash.

      “I also enjoy his takedown of religious tale.”

      I don’t think he’s ever had the courage to criticize Judaism. Everything he has done with regards to religion has been aimed at the goyim. If he did it otherwise, I doubt he would be on television.

      Just look at the way he celebrated from the sidelines when a corporate-sponsored Jewess like Rachel Bloom sang her song about undermining the larger Christian culture. He danced along with glee.

    1. Ame, it’s passed off as harmless “entertainment” to our sons and daughters. And it comes from Bill Nye, a man that is supposed to elevate the audience with intellectual inquiry.

      A wolf, hiding out among the sheep.

  2. Major Styles, I referenced you in one of my Chateau Heartiste posts. I also noted your own Tom Petty comment there.

    It’s good to see you out and around. I’m keeping you in my thoughts, so… Just tellin’.

      1. I feel unhappy with myself that I am giving you short shrift while I expound upon matters longer on the Chateau. My only possible defense is that larger venues, with a bigger audience, stimulate the thought juices more than smaller sites like mine and yours.

        Still, I should and will make an effort to comment more at your site. Your articles are excellent, your anti-Judaism amusing in a good way, and your Cultural Marxist death-blows memorable.

        I am still wavering on the Jewish question. Perhaps I’m simplistic. I like whites, and they generally look it. My cultural background is lacking in, shall we say, caustic acid toward Jewdom. *shrugs* Maybe I’m naïve and you’re right. Tell me why so.

      2. “I feel unhappy with myself that I am giving you short shrift while I expound upon matters longer on the Chateau”

        I am amazed at his prolific output.

      3. “My cultural background is lacking in, shall we say, caustic acid toward Jewdom. *shrugs* Maybe I’m naïve and you’re right. Tell me why so.”

        To quote Wagner, arguably the greatest musician in Western culture: “I regard the Jewish race as the born enemy of pure humanity and everything that is noble in it.”

      4. Henry Ford: “It is probably true that the commonest real cause of anti-semitism is the action of the international Jew who is often unknown and always secure…”

      5. Martin Luther: “Therefore be on your guard against the Jews, knowing that wherever they have their synagogues, nothing is found but a den of devils in which sheer self­glory, conceit, lies, blasphemy, and defaming of God and men are practiced most maliciously and veheming his eyes on them.”

      6. Henry Ford: “Jews have actually invaded, in person and in program, hundreds of American churches, with their subversive and impossible social ideals, and at last became so cocksure of their domination of the situation that they were met with the inevitable check.”

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