ESPN just announced major cutbacks:

ESPN will cut more than 100 employees today, Yahoo Finance has learned. That number is much bigger than the 40-50 that was initially reported. ESPN aims to notify all of the people today, if it can do so.

These cuts are an ongoing issue.

ESPN’s subscriber numbers have dropped steadily, weighing on parent company Disney, forcing a new round of cost-cutting. When Disney demands cuts, ESPN can make those cuts however it chooses.

ESPN had major layoffs in 2015, as it did two years before that, in 2013. Both times, it cut around 300 people. This time around, the network reportedly sought to cut tens of millions of dollars, and decided that ridding itself of big expensive contracts was the way to do it.

Of course, in typical SJW fashion, ESPN is unsure about what is causing their viewers to flee. So to help the network, I’ve placed a photo below, taken from their website.

Memo to ESPN: More sports, and less of the following:


13 thoughts on “The Downfall of ESPN in One Photo

  1. I’m beginning to think the only way to crush the liberals is to roll into the room MRI brain scanners set to trigger when a liberal mind is sensed.

    Then a bullet to the head, or an injection from the machine, courtesy the doctors.

      1. You have a sense of civil society that I probably lack, Major. Brutality is in my blood. Also there is a sense almost of paranoia about who my true enemies are.

  2. What amazes me is there are so FEW true liberals. The vast bulk of the population — what is called the “Silent Majority” — is simply cowed as their countries are overrun by swarthies, darkiest, slants and the rest.

    Oh, Major Styles. The Silent Majority sucks.

  3. The key is to reseize control of the media. Once you do that, the 97% sheep will follow. Remember, too, that media is run by PUBLIC CORPORATIONS. A proper series of laws can reset/realign BigCorps to being right-wing, if you did it right. At the moment, they exist as left-wing propaganda machines, which everyone knows is a fact. Robert Novak was one of the few right-wing journalists allowed in the Washington press corps, and in the lengthy book I read on him they called him “The Prince of Darkness,” showing the left-media’s true tendencies.

  4. By the way, Major Styles, I like the direction your website is taking. Take heart if you ever feel glum about its viewership or commentariat or other outcomes. You’re in for the long haul if you want to succeed. Those who win are the ones who want it badly enough, and it’s wonderful to be a guy like Heartiste with a huge viewership. You CAN make a difference, and there’s no fun like an Internet soapbox like we have. The ease of entry and inexpensiveness of usage makes this platform ideal.

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