When I was a child, I was terribly shy. I would glance at the ground when speaking to people, afraid to look them in the eyes. I was even worse with girls. I could barely speak to them, stuttering and mumbling incoherently. For all I knew, they thought I was a deaf mute. The shyness continued well into my teens. In short, I was an awkward boy that was plagued with feelings of inadequacy.

As I became older, I became more confident. I traveled the world and learned about new cultures, customs, and places. During this time, I realized that I was simply another soul in search of meaning. Each time I returned to the United States, I grew more confident. Eventually, this confidence bled into my job. I began leading groups, speaking in public, and engaging people I barely knew. In short, I was no longer a child that lacked confidence.

The man that you become is more important than the boy that you were.

Are you holding onto old friends instead of making new ones? Are you basking in the glory of your teenage potential, instead of working on new skills and talents? Are you looking into a rear view mirror instead of the front window?

It’s time to challenge yourself to dream bigger. To think more of yourself….

The man that you become is more important than the boy that you were.

6 thoughts on “The Man That You Become is More Important Than the Boy That You Were

  1. Do you still want to be a Great Man, which is several giant steps up from confident managerial type?

      1. Napoleon must have felt the same on his way to Waterloo, but he gave it a try anyway.

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