If you have no honor, then you don’t deserve any. If you have no respect, then don’t request it. If you’re a liar, then don’t ask for honesty.

If you can’t pay attention to people, then you don’t deserve attention.

These are the basic rules of life—the beautiful paradox. And the sword of justice is cruel. She strikes down the weak when he searches for a friend. She cuts the enemy when he calls out for mercy.

Life…the ultimate karma, ruthless in her payback. She severs the lying man in half. She drops the demonic woman to her feet. She’s a Queen of the Supreme Court. And her law arrives in the dead of night, sealed with an exclamation point. The walls of the profane are shaken. Everyone screams in horror…the lightning bolt of justice has arrived!

Do you fear God? Do you tremble in the wake of her judgement? You should, my friend. She plays a puppet master, looking on us with amusement.

Her justice is poetic.

One thought on “Her Justice is Poetic

  1. Ah yes, but like like all women, she is woman-weak and relies on men to work her “magic” through.

    On her own, she can do nothing. The final truism about any and all females. If I could beguile men to dance to my fingers’ progression, I too would be an ominous figure.

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