Stanley Jordan is a virtuoso guitar player. He rose to fame in the 1980’s for his unique style, playing two guitars at the same time.

While he’s not the household name of somebody like Paul McCartney, he’s been VERY successful. Jordan was signed to BMI, put out 14 albums, and has played with some of the top musicians in the world: Quincy Jones, Kenny Rogers, Dizzy Gillespie, etc. In addition, he has appeared on a host of television shows, from Johnny Carson to Dick Cavett. He’s also been nominated for 4 Grammy awards. So needless to say, his musical resume is impressive.

stnaley jordan
Stanley Jordan in the 1980s, when he rose to fame

Fast forward to today…

Somewhere along the way, Jordan started dressing in women’s clothing. I don’t know the proper term here: transsexual, cross dresser, etc. Nowadays, a litany of names are applied to “gender.” Let’s just say that Jordan went crazy.

stanley jordan
Stanley Jordan today, dressed like a woman

The media has remained silent on Jordan’s transformation. Granted, Jordan didn’t have the same kind of celebrity as Bruce Jenner. That being said, he’s a mid-level star and one would expect a little press on the matter (especially considering the media’s obsession with breaking gender rules). But a random google search reveals nothing. By the media ignoring the topic, it shows that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

A random Google search provides no information about Jordan’s sex change. Coincidence? You silly child…

Why have we not heard of Jordan’s sex change? The answer is complex, yet terribly simple.

Jordan’s transformation does not serve the goals of Cultural Marxism: i.e. destroying the lives of white Christian males.

The important point here is that Jordan is black. If his story was publicized, many American blacks would become alienated with the liberal cause. They would see that Jordan’s degradation was encouraged by the larger, white society; in particular, by liberal democrats.

In short, Jordan’s sex change is a black eye on the face of white liberals – it shows how their values have denigrated the lives of black Americans. Subsequently, the story has been erased from social media for the benefit of the left-wing agenda.

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12 thoughts on “Why Have We Not Heard About Stanley Jordan Becoming a Woman?

  1. “Cultural Marxism” huh? Has anyone noticed how more often than not, new labels relative to sexuality and lifestyles, take on meanings that invariably perpetuate the right-wing perpetuation of status-quo ideologies? In this case relative to Stanley Jordan, a perverted sense of Black cultural conceptions of gender are intoned. Not only do those conceptions replace what might be Jordan’s preferences with boiler-plate white Christian conceptions of choice and culture, but they also “air brush” a nonsense “Black cultural milieu” all around Jordan’s guitar, keyboards and lifestyle. Perhaps the uniqueness of Jordan’s guitar also refects the greater uniqueness of his lifestyle and life’s experience. In any case, we need not adopt an interpretation of the artist, not gained through our own and individual appreciation of his craft….not our assessment of where we believe his life’s path should go.

    1. Matthew, A man like Jordan has lived in the rootless world of modern music for quite some time. It’s a place that lacks patriarchal heroism, the affirmation to traditional gender roles, and the encouragement to build the physique of a Roman warrior. All of these items form a dangerous cocktail of existential destruction.

      I think he can still be saved…perhaps. But he’ll have to burn off the degenerate ideologies that he was nurtured on.

      Music does not have to be effeminate and spineless. It can still be heroic.

    1. My goal was to save Mr. Jordan from that fly-infested pig’s head of Satanic Judaica. You response indicataes that you want Mr. Jordan to wander through the hedge maze of Judaic confusion.

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