To elevate…to affirm the highest passion of life. To place man atop his rightful place on the mountain of greatness. To expand on the glorious universe that hides within. Music is the general, riding a horse that gallops through the woods. Music is a child, running though a field of daffodils. Music is the raising of a victory cup, a celebration of the human spirit.

Music is not the debased; it’s not the “social protest” of a revolutionary. It’s not the whining of a half-man, unable to claim the ring of victory. It’s not a jealous lashing out. Music is not androgyny. It’s not about confusion, misdirection, or perpetual agony. Music is not a glorification of suicide.

Music is the victory celebration; it’s an affirmation of God in His glory. And to hear it, you have to slay demons. You have to strike down the forces of mediocrity. You have to lash out at the army of lies.

Once you embrace the passion, then the glory of music is yours!


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