Chris Cornell died a few days ago. The lead singer of Soundgarden was famous for pioneering the “grunge” sound, which rose to popularity in the 1990s. Sadly, Cornell committed suicide. Even sadder is that he now leaves behind two children.

Cornell is the most recent “grunge” musician to committed suicide, or to die from a drug-related overdose: Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland, etc. Unfortunately, it’s becoming a reoccurring event.

A lot of people are commenting on Cornell’s death. Some are talking about depression, others about about drug abuse. But several points are missing, so let’s take about what nobody is willing to say:

1.) Grunge musicians were only popular because they promoted nihilism

The “angry young man” shtick was purposefully promoted by music executives (most of whom are Jewish). These executives have a specific goal – using music to destroy the edifice of Christian America.

The lyrics are the most important part of grunge. Now some people will disagree, saying that they only listen to the instrumental parts of a song: guitar, drums, etc. This viewpoint is a common for musicians, who tend to focus on the structural elements. But there’s an old saying in Nashville: “They come for the beat; they stay for the lyrics.” This is so true. Remember that the average fan cannot play the drums – but they can sing along. So the average person will “connect” with a song by singing the chorus in the car, in the shower, etc.

Kurt Cobain On 'MTV Unplugged'
(((Record Executives))) knew that Cobain’s nihilism would encourage young men to become depressed.

The Weltanschauung of grunge is nihilism. And nihilism encourages the destruction of the individual. Just take a look at the titles of the famous grunge hits: i.e “Black Hole Sun,” “Rat in a Cage,” etc. They all encourage a hopeless perspective. How many people have learned to hate life by singing these songs? How many people have overlooked the glory of God in favor of a bleak landscape? Too many I’m afraid.

1.) It Takes Millions of Dollars to “Break” an Artist; Thus, Record Labels Carefully Plan Who They Want to Promote and Why

Do you think that a musician is famous by accident? Of course not. It’s takes millions of dollars to “break” an artist. Here’s a rundown of the funding that a rock band will require:

  • Money needed for radio payola (funds paid to a radio station to play their songs)
  • Money needed to record an album
  • Money needed for touring: hotels, food, gas, etc.
  • Money needed for promotional materials: print, digital, etc.

This is a short list. As you can see, the charges pile up. Before you know it, a rock band has put a million dollars on the company tab.

Rock bands are a major investment. Therefore, the investors have to approve the message. This would not be a problem, generally speaking. However, today’s record executives are obsessed with the destruction of American youth. So everything they do is aimed at cultural genocide. Everything they do is the fulfillment of their unholy desires. The executives only invested in grunge music because it served a greater aim – to create a culture war against Christianity.


The grunge musician was a puppet for the globalist agenda. He was given the microphone for a specific reason – to pour nihilism into the souls of Christian men and women. To kill the passionate spirit of a generation and replace it with hopelessness.

In the 1960’s, men were encouraged to take LSD and drop out. In the 1970s, men were encouraged to snort cocaine and hang out at Studio 54. In the 1980s, they were encouraged to become aggressive rebels and listen to punk rock. And in the 1990s, men were encouraged to become suicidal depressives. The music changed, but the song remained the same.

Are you starting to see the common denominator? Are you starting to see what we’re up against? All of our musical heroes were useful idiots, serving their diabolical masters. They believed they had “made it to the top.” In reality, they were allowed to be there.

The puppet master controls everything.

16 thoughts on “The Grunge Musician Was a Puppet for the Globalist Agenda

  1. Excellent analysis, and today it’s every gullible “celebrity”, anyone with a heftily populated Twitter or Facebook account who is dancing to the puppet master in chief ….. Soros!

    1. Good points. The shadow bans on Twitter show how popularity is being “managed” by the leaders of that company. And Zuckerberg’s “accidental” choice to include a left-wing newsfeed into his platform is…well, let’s call it suspect.

    2. You made me curious about Twitter (owned by Jack Dorsey). Sure enough…

      “In February 2017, Dorsey and Executive Chairman Omid Kordestan matched a $530,000 donation to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) raised by Twitter staffers.”

      And there you go…

  2. I have to disagree.

    This is funny, because I say ridiculously larger-than-life things about the future. I’m like throwing stones from a glass house at your glass house.

    But I don’t buy ANY conspiracy theories. None whatsoever. Putin of Russia even believes the CIA invented the Internet to fuck with USSR. Most of the world just HAPPENS. There is some string-pulling, but to judge by the greatest power the world has ever known — Amerikkka — this happens poorly, and it backfires most of the time (Bay of Pigs Invasion, Shah of Iran U.S. interference, Chile, Banana Republics from Nicaragua on south). The U.S. does a poor job of it — and so does every other country. Perhaps Germany sending Lenin east was a success — but it allowed the Russians to industrialize fast enough to save their own asses in two generations down the line.

    Major Styles, maybe you will someday be a Great Man. But someone has to choose you, guide you and spirit you away if the danger grows too great.

    I still thing we make a great tag-team combination.

    But I have slight doubts about your anti-Semitism and your conspiracy theories. Forgive my rudeness. Individuals of high superiority should feel comfortable telling their hearts to each other.

    Allow me to extend a tender of apology in advance of you reading this. I will be as honest as I can — good and bad — and allow you to suck it up, in a great Manly fashion, as you will.

    — Sorcerygod

    1. I am not a fan of conspiracies either, per so.

      I would not call this case a conspiracy, however. The list of Jewish record executives is common knowledge: Clive Davis, Schiffman, the Chess brothers, etc. I will stop short, because the list is very long.

      I believe that each of these individuals is acting alone, apart from any orders. However, I do think that each of them holds a cultural bias that allows this type of thing to occur.

      So a conspiracy? No. But something else, indeed.

      1. *nods reluctantly* The Jewish tribe has a well-known tendency to preferentially advance its fellow members. You’re 110% right there.

        But this self-kind-bias can be found in Chinese merchants operating away from the Middle Kingdom in places like Malaysia and South Korea, and even the Euro-whites of 140 years ago operating in Shanghai on business were a close-knit bunch.

        I grant that the Jews are thick as thieves. But I question an AGENDA of common interest. I suspect rather they like their business, enjoy the wealth and power, and help lots of gentile singers get a leg up.

        When the Reichmann family of Canada put up a high rise in London, they called it the Canada building, not the Zion building. I think they honestly felt it was a tribute to their adopted homeland, which had been so good for them. The Jews of Reichmann allowed both Saturdays and Sundays to be taken off their highrise construction.

        Anyway, Major Styles, to conclude I believe fixations — aside from fixations on power — and maybe even that — are dangerous. (They suck energy and focus away.) Just my two cents.

      2. “I grant that the Jews are thick as thieves. But I question an AGENDA of common interest.”

        I agree that there is not a agenda per se. But I think we would have to extend that same idea to other groups, races, etc: Blacks, Chinese, etc. In other words, no one group is following a written list. However, certain cultural traits arise that lead to actions. This is I think true for all groups.

        I am not a fan of the word conspiracy, because I believe that people are too inherently self-centered to act on the orders of others.

      3. “When the Reichmann family of Canada put up a high rise in London, they called it the Canada building, not the Zion building.”

        Well, that’s a positive.

      4. “But this self-kind-bias can be found in Chinese merchants operating away from the Middle Kingdom in places like Malaysia and South Korea, and even the Euro-whites of 140 years ago operating in Shanghai on business were a close-knit bunch.”

        Every group displays preferences for tribalism, no doubt. So the argument that Jews look out for their own kind is a weak one at best.

        My question is the degree to which some will subvert the happiness of other via duplicitous means. That is the area where I take umbrage.

        On a related note, the Muslims share great similarities to Jews. And their intent is far more “out in the open” so to speak: conquer foreign lands via the sword. Although I cannot agree with their open expressions of barbarism, I at least commend their honesty. Many Jews (such as Gloria Steinem) pretend they want to help the goyim, when in reality they seek to destroy. It would be more honorable if Steinem was Muslim in her approach – openly expressing her hatred for the opposition.

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