Relationships “experts” will often tell couples to “just communicate.” This is the go-to response, the one-size-fits all advice. I’ve heard it thrown around so much that it’s a cliche. I’m thinking of opening a Marriage and Family Counseling practice to cash in on the “just communicate” Gold Rush.

But what does “just communicate” mean? Communication is a general term, signifying many things: verbal, nonverbal, media, etc. So when a person tells you to “just communicate,” it’s a meaningless term. It’s akin to saying “just talk.” Ok, yes…but about what?

Relationship experts have assaulted the internet with ambiguous advice on the subject: a google search is like falling into a relationship rabbit hole:

The University of Florida: Leading the Young People Astray

“Couples must talk about many health-related issues, including nutrition, exercise, illness, disease, accidents, health care, mortality, and death.” – From “9 Important Communication Skills for Every Relationship” by Victor William Harris via the University of Florida

Harris tells us to talk about everything. Ok Vic, but what do you say? Something like mortality, for example, reflects a person’s Weltanschauung. It shows a unique perspective. The person can be a nihilist, a nationalist, a globalist, etc. Which one is correct? Harris never tells us. Instead, we’re instructed to move our lips and let the words fly out. Pointless advice, really.

Harris also implies that men and women communicate the same – a complete falsehood. But what can we expect from the University of Florida? Gender “equality” is the defacto religion at college: you either agree with Der Steinem or it’s off the gallows (AKA, a Women’s Studies class). I assume that Harris did a mandatory sentence, nodding like a simp from the front row in order to carry the cheerleader’s books back to the dorm.

But anybody with descended testes (i.e. not Harris) will tell you that men and women are different. And communication is the hallmark of the difference.  Men talk about sports; women talk about other women. Men talk about politics; women talk about people. And so and on and so forth. It’s common knowledge. But the fact that gender difference is denied by academics is a sign that Cultural Marxism has infected the host body.

Cal State Long Beach: Making Sure You Stay Confused

“The way couples communicate with one another can be a reflection of their personalities, age, backgrounds, and lifestyles. In order to maintain a relationship, couples must be willing to exchange information about themselves and capable of feeling confident, honest, direct, and clear when discussing realities about their past, present, and future.” – “Love & Communication in Relationships” from California State Long Beach’s Health Resource Center

CSULB tells us to be honest about the past. Ok…how about no. Previous relationships (for the most part) should be unspoken about. Don’t they know about the connection between mystery and romance? Apparently not. Too much information will destroy the flower of a love that’s budding. Men don’t want to know about the three-way she had in college. Or how the ex-boyfriend filmed her giving oral and then uploaded it to YouPorn. Some things that are better left unsaid. Communicating about the past is not beneficial to a relationship – it’s only detrimental.

Note: There are some men that like hearing explicit details about the sexual indescretions of their wife. These men are known as cucks. You can find them on YouPorn, filming their wives having sex with the offensive line of the Miami Dolphins. The woman goes along with it, but she (deep down) has a contempt for the beta-male cuckoldry of her husband.


The popular maxim today is “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.” That’s very true. But they fail to tell you the follow up to that statement – most of the lies are coming from the establishment.


5 thoughts on “Relationship Experts are Scamming People by Telling Them to “Just Communicate”

  1. You wrote a really good piece here, with a number of memorable/worthwhile lines that I am too exhausted to write about. (I leave it up to you as a self-literary exercise to grade your own mountains of superb lines among the normally-fine flow of your text.)

    I am suffering right now, Major Styles, but that’s okay — for I am also improving. And improvement shall be the salvation of us all.

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