Luck is important; and it’s been a part of the story since day one. What if you were born an Aids baby? What if you had mental retardation because of an alcoholic mother? What if you had a major heart condition that required immediate surgery? These are just a few of the things that can – and do – go wrong everyday.

You need luck. From the moment you enter the world, there’s a “roll of the dice” element at play. You’re like a poker table or a race track. You need a rabbit’s foot.

You can work hard, believe in yourself, and chase your dreams. But don’t be naive…always remember the importance of luck.

You need the guardian angels, watching over you.

4 thoughts on “Luck is Important

  1. luck would imply random … that there’s space where there’s no control, no grounding, no boundaries, no nothing but chance and random. i can’t go there. i have to believe there is One who is in control all.the.time, that everything is known. i need something more concrete than luck.

    1. Thanks for the reply, Ame.

      Some might call luck, “grace.” Having blessings bestowed upon you that, in light of the suffering around you, seem undeserved.

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