The Major had to attend to his sick father. All is well now, as the HE WHO SIRED THE MAJOR is feeling better—a new pacemaker being the solution.

I’ve reflected on responsibility…

The Major is married. And once we marry, especially in the US, the protocol is to make the wife your world. You’re encouraged to forget the parents and the friends—you either bow to Sheryl Sandberg or else. In short, men are encouraged to tongue-punch the asshole of Cuckoldry.

Your old friends, once men of adventure, will now say things like, “I’m sorry, but I cannot meet for a beer. I have promised to lick my wife’s stiletto heels in the linen aisle of Bed, Bath and Beyond.”

I refuse to play along. I respect and honor my aging parents.

Thankfully, I have the support of my wife. Some women are not so kind in that regard; they’re jealous of the husband’s family (particularly the mother) and they drive a wedge into these relationships.

A man should always honor his parents—even if he’s married. If the wife does not understand, you should make her understand. These points cannot be compromised…they’re too important. As the head of the family, you set the ground rule—and the rule should honor the people that came before you.

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9 thoughts on “On the Major’s Short Hiatus

  1. These are strong values Ron and they say a lot about you and your moral code. Thankfully it seems both of our wives share the same values.

      1. Maybe there’s a factor here with us both marrying women from different cultures? I may not have expressed that well but you know what I mean.

      2. You, me and Trump have something in common. 🙂

        You’re right on point, of course. It’s unfortunate, but the target for Cultural Marxism has largely been Western women. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, and if you can make that hand tremble via a Cymbalta prescription, then you’ve effectively destroyed the entire society.

      3. Trump, oh he’ll never thought of that 😂 But the cultural marxist target on Western women is well made. But what I do NOT understand is the western woman’s protection of and refusal to mass protest about Muslim misogyny.

      4. One of the Manosphere writers (not sure which at the moment) had an interesting take. In the world of the Burka, all women are equal: i.e. covered. So dumpy women (many of which are feminist) would feel equal to beautiful women.

        Remember, the left are more prone to totalitarian measure than conservatives are.

      5. Bloody bizarre! Off to France for a month on Sunday, wonder how many Burkas we’ll see? Might do a bit of street photography but I don’t thing they inhabit Wine villages!!

      6. You’re right, the people are much more nationalistic and even a year ago were angry and saying to me “it’s too late, France is fucked”

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