A man I know just died. He was a musician that—for many years—threw parties at his home. Every month, the players in town would gather at his house, drink beer, and jam out. This went on for a long time.

Then he got sick…Stage 4 Cancer.

Two people came to visit in the hospital—his brother and son. That’s it…only two people. What happened to the 700 Facebook “friends”? Where did everybody go? Well, they were too “busy”…they had important things to do: like re-arranging the sock drawer, etc.

But when he died, the “friends” did a 360…

All of a sudden, his Facebook page was flooded with eulogies: “You were the greatest” and “Thanks for everything,” etc. All the “friends” were now jockeying for position on the social media highway, fighting for a chance to appear empathetic. They were posting photos, writing poetry.

A week earlier, only two people stood at his death bed. But now that he was gone, hundreds of people were commenting on his social media feed. Did they love him, or do they love social validation? Were they posting for him, or for themselves? Was the sadness real, or was it just a lie?

You know the answer…

Social media is a distortion of reality. It’s a false connection, a pseudo relationship. If you put all your faith in the digital realm, then don’t be surprised if it lets you down.

The only people that care about you are your family and—if you’re lucky—a friend or two.

16 thoughts on “The Only People That Care About You Are Your Family and – if You’re Lucky – a Friend or Two

  1. Ron, a pointed and relevant post as usual. Two anecdotes if you will permit. In 1997 my 21 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. His school, sport and university friends gathered round and supported to the end. This was 20 years ago, no social media just genuine amigos.
    Next, about 10 mins ago watching the Tour de France cycling the commentator said “and now over to Pippa York for comments. We all went “who”? Well, apparently PY is actually the famous cyclist Robert Millar who recently underwent a sex change but who has never commented on the TDF in his life! Political Correct Shite again and disgusting.

    1. Dr. B, I am sorry to hear about your son. My condolences.

      Interesting anecdote about cycling. I was just watching the other day and thought, “Wow, cycling is one of the few sports that hasn’t been overrun by the SJW agenda. But alas, I’ve been proven wrong.

      1. Thank you Ron, it was exactly 20 years ago and we don’t widely share it. Anyway, the tone of my posts will change for a month as we holiday in France and immerse ourselves in food and wine, about the only thing of any value in the Islamic Republic of France!

  2. This is truth. It underscores something else as well. That people should be much more careful to whom and to what they give their f**cks, LOL. (You watch it yet?)

    The Internet, and social media, are tailor made to condition people into caring about things they shouldn’t, and pretending to care about things they really don’t.

  3. This reminds me of a story from college that would add anecdotal evidence to your theory. I’ll spare you.

    IMO, the number of true friends you have depends on 1) whether the people in question were raised by wolves 2) whether you have deep relationships or just surface. People continually confuse the latter… and yes, most social media friendships are surface, but I’ve made some deep friendships via social media, and maintain others at least partially thereby.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Hearthie.

      Your points are well taken. Perhaps this person’s life brought these realities to the surface, but it might be different for another person (hopefully so).

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