You should only utter the phrase one time—when forces out of your control have resulted in tragedy: i.e. the passing of a relative, being hit by a drunk driver, etc.

NEVER utter this phrase under the following circumstances:

  • You’ve been impregnated for the third time by an El Salvadorian gang member
  • You’ve received a fourth DUI in the last five months
  • Your 20-year addiction to cocaine has caused another suitor to flee
  • Your adult children feel that you’re a worthless piece of shit.

The first scenario is out of your control…in the hands of God.

The second is a reflection of your ethics, your morals, and your intelligence.

4 thoughts on “When Should You Say That “Things Happen for a Reason”?

  1. hummm … where did this post come from?!

    for the record – i hate that saying all.the.time. regardless of whether it’s true or not. i prefer believing God can take anything and work it for my good, in His time.

    1. “hummm … where did this post come from?!”

      I know somebody that continues to suffer because of bad decisions; yet, this person will continually use this phrase after the sh*t hits the fan.

      1. *hugging you*

        You should have been a therapist, my good Lord. *grinning mischievously and patting you on the head*

        Now go! Write on Great Men! Exeunt avast ahearty!

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