The left is hanging onto the Charlottesville story for dear life. They realize that if this story fades into another news cycle (which it will) then it’s more losing. But essentially, they’re already in trouble due to a pathological addiction to censorship.

Remember…the BLM was a “Divide and Conquer” campaign orchestrated by the (((media))). Much to their surprise, their time-honored tradition backfired. They overplayed their weasly hand and inadvertently got Donald Trump elected. They were like an over-confident Joe Pisarcik, fumbling the ball away to Herman Edwards at the Miracle in the Meadowlands.

But unlike the BLM, the WN movement is not media-sponsored—nor do they have frequent marches, like the BLM.  Their “optics” (to borrow the word of the day) are far less visible than the BLM. For example, you’ll never see Richard Spencer tearing the microphone out of a presidential candidate’s hand (a la Bernie Sanders). And you’ll never see Spencer get a White House invitation, like Obama gave to the BLM leaders.

And therein lies the Catch-22…

The far left needs more White Nationalist rallies to further their agenda. Yet they’re incapable of letting the events take place, because they’re addicted to censorship.

4 thoughts on “The Far Left Needs the White Nationalist Movement

  1. Which is why “the left” – or should I say, (((the left))) has spent 50 years hiring people to dress up as “neo-Nazis” and clown around for the fake news cameras. When there aren’t enough “KKK-Nazis” they just hire actors to play them on TV.

    The Alt Right Spencer crowd tends to (usually) not fall into that trap which is why (((the left))) is trying so hard to turn them into boogeymen.

    1. “Which is why “the left” – or should I say, (((the left))) has spent 50 years hiring people to dress up as “neo-Nazis” and clown around for the fake news cameras.”

      That’s an interesting theory. I would not be surprised if it were true.

      1. Oh, it’s WELL documented. The “American Nazi Party” of the 1970s was led by a man named … Frances Cohen – who was Jewish. The entire party was fake – this came out decades ago when he was arrested.

        In the 1990s the most famous “neo-Nazi” – who called himself “Wolfgang Hawke” – was actually named … “Andrew Greenbaum.”

        Seriously, this is well documented and has been known for years but of course the media won’t ever mention it. RamZPaul (and myself) have documented this history repeatedly.

        There really isn’t such a thing as a “real neo-Nazi” – the entire “movement” is fake.

      2. It makes sense, given that most Americans have nothing in common with the Germans of post World War 1. I will have to look up those names.

        Thanks for the info.

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