Modern Americans have a new characteristic—an addiction to 24/7 news. This is particularly true for the elderly. As it turns out, the average age for FOX/CNN/MSN is over 60. It’s troubling to think that so many Americans, now in their golden years, are addicted to a continual stream of propaganda.

Note the difference between news and propaganda. In many poor nations, it’s common to see old men gathering at the local café to discuss world affairs. They play dominoes, chess, drink tea, etc. However, most of their news is actually news—it’s centered on events that happened.

And therein lies the difference.

Americans are addicted to fake news—agitative propaganda. Stories are ignored (or excessively pushed) based on the political goals of the TV executives. Take Charlottesville, for example. That same day, all across America, hundreds of people were murdered—white on white, black of white, black on black, etc. Yet the media chose to fixate on Chalottesville to further their agenda: i.e. the removal of Donald Trump by attempting to link him with white supremacy. That’s more than a news story…that’s agitative propaganda. Believe me, the story could easily have been ignored if the media chose to (they do so everyday).

The Western news media cannot be trusted. They’re telling lies, so it’s best that you ignore them.

Instead, focus on your personal goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Write a book? Build a business? Then focus on those things instead. These activities will keep you busy throughout the day and, more importantly, keep you more fulfilled.

Your personal goals are more important than agitative propaganda.

9 thoughts on “Your Personal Goals Are More Important Than Agitative Propaganda

  1. Yes. Last night as I was trying to drop off to sleep I was trying to come up with the “perfect, reasonable words” to heal our nation’s wounds – at least in my friend circle. Finally, I looked at myself and said, “that’s not your job, go to sleep”.

    Took a while longer, as last night’s workout was enough to leave me pretty sore, but that’s actually addressing my goals.

  2. I find I am irritated more and more by the media, both sides, left and right. The BBC for example reports on items related to its own liberal leftist agenda plus irrelevant fluffy stuff about celebrities, flamingos, ice cream flavours, new radio DJs, upskirting, …… I despair!

    1. Yes, our conservative stations will periodically bend over, grab their ankles, and request a spanking from the subversive elements. It sometimes appears they are one in the same.

      I am trying got only read anything political until after 8 pm. Let’s see if I can meet that goal…

      1. I moved all my internet news bookmarks (excepting local) to a folder, so I have to “dig” for them a bit. This immediately reduced my news surfing. HTH.

  3. Hearthie,

    You might want to try installing “Kill News Feed” on your Facebook (if you have one). I did that and it was very helpful. I freed myself from having to read the agitprop on the right hand side of the page, along with the daily grievances. Now I basically just use it as an email account of sorts, essentially.

  4. Good advice here. I have gotten markedly better about it of late as well. There’s so much noise, and there really is nothing we can do individually to heal our nation’s wounds or restore Western Civ. At best all we will do is cause ourselves needless angst.

    1. Yes, it is a constant battle. And the sad truth is when we are no longer here, people will still be fighting over the same issues (regardless of how salient our arguments are).

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