Financial books are ubiquitous. For example, you have The Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon, etc. And of course, millions of lesser-known financial books line the market. The advice is there for the taking: how to invest, how to save, etc. Yet the books never mention something…

The money you spend is based on your value system.

For example, a circumcision can cost around $5,000 in Manhattan. Hasidic Jews—many of which are very wealthy—are happy to pay that money! They could have invested their money in a stock, real estate, a mutual fund, etc. But instead, they spent the money on a mohel (Jewish rabbi) that will suck the blood from the baby’s penis (I’m not making that up…see this link). In short, the Hasidic Jew has a different set of values than Major Styles. And their expenditures reflect those values.

Personally, I would never let a mohel fellate my newborn child. I have a different set of values than the Hasidic Jew. Instead, I would take that $5,000 and buy a ticket for Tahiti or Thailand. If the tickets were sold out, I could find a million more ways to spend that cash.

So what is your value system? Have you thought about that?

You need to have one. If you don’t have a clearly defined value system, then the parasitic media will provide one for you: i.e. feminism, existentialism, socialism, etc. Before long, you’ll find that you’re one of their puppets, dancing for their pleasure.

The money you spend is based on your value system.

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2 thoughts on “The Money You Spend is Based on Your Value System

  1. I think your value system determines your WHOLE approach to finance, saving as well as spending! My wife and I are currently “wealthy” in our retirement. We travel the world, spend personal money on healthcare, drink fine wines, take regular cruises, have luxury cars …… But still spend LESS annually than our annual income. Our value system came from our upbringing, our parents. We are both from VERY poor backgrounds but highly educated and even as students saved money and invested. Bizarre, I know. But young people we meet like our lifestyle yet won’t save a penny/cent so that when they retire they have a life of luxury, they want it all NOW. Their value systems are totally at odds with our own.

    1. Thanks for the input, Dr. B. I think the more modern perceptions are shaped by Western socialism/communist thought; in short, everybody deserves an equal share of the pie, regardless of their effort.

      On some level, I cannot blame them. They have been groomed to believe this (even tacitly threatened by their teachers, peer groups, etc.). And as we see now, those who oppose this far left ideaology are at risk of physical attack.

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