How does the weak man rise? How does he assume the seat of power? He cannot do it by his talent, his intelligence, or his will. So he resorts to another strategy…guilt.

Guilt and Initiative – John the Baptist | GodTalk Vermont
Id the guilt you’re carrying deserved? Or is it being used against you by unethical people?

So what will you do, strong man? How will you react to the guilt trip? You can acquiesce, admit you’re evil, and grovel at the degenerate feet of the weak man. You can agree to flagellate yourself for the sins of your father, your grandfather, and your great-grandfather. You can apologize for the history you had no part of. You can apologize for sins you never committed.

No…here’s something better!

Punch the weak man in the nose. Drive him out of your home. Protect your family with firearms if the weak man (or woman) is invading your space. Proclaim your strength, your self-worth, and your nobility.

Fighting back against Mirai botnet - Information Age
The GREAT MAN should never back down to the hustler of guilt.

Martin Luther said it best in Table Talk. You can never passively adhere to your faith. For if you do, your faith will be eradicated. Soon, your nation will be overrun by heretics. They’ll destroy your tradition and religion. So what will you do? Practice peace? Apologize for living? No…Martin Luther was right. A faith is only protected by the sword. And the very house you live in – and the freedoms your family enjoy – are paid for by the blood of others.

So you can never surrender to the degenerate agenda of the weak. Their life is misery.

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2 thoughts on “Guilt Trips are the Weapon on the Weak

  1. I suppose the behaviour associated with this is the epidemic of Virtue Signalling we get from these leftie luvvies especially? It’s boiling up in the UK now with our Brexit negotiations with the EU as we are deluged with guilt trip articles and outpourings in the MSM. We in the majority are lashed with guilt infested propaganda as to how we are selfish, uncaring, anti youth, yada yada yada.

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