Did I live today to the fullest?

I ask this every night as I put my head to the pillow. You see, the Major was almost dead once. Medical complications during a heart surgery. And for a minute my life was hanging in the balance. Even with the modern surgery of today, I was still lucky to survive.

But God was on my side. He pulled me through to live another day. I was knocking on heaven’s door, but there was nobody home…yet.

So why was I brought back? For what purpose?

I ask myself that everyday and a fire burns inside of me. A fire to make something of a second chance. A desire to repay God for the grace he bestowed upon me. The desire to do more, to be more…to see my name upon the billboards of achievement. To sing a song of victory in the battlefields of despair.

I live the with sacred obligation – to repay God for his opportunity.

To make the most of everyday. To live my life to the fullest. To maximize whatever talents I’ve been given.

Did I live today to the fullest? Only when I answer “yes,” am I able to sleep comfortably.

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3 thoughts on “The Question That I Ask Before I Fall Asleep

  1. Your sentiment of living life to the full and checking on its implementation at the end of each day is at least an epicurean existentialist approach to life, I commend you for it. If your god is listening to the thanks you offer and approves, so much the better. In The Buddhist world of Dr B and Dr C we approach this different asking ourselves each morning what we need to do today to live our lives to the full. Looking back is too late at our stage of life!!

  2. and the irony of it all is that we can *never* repay God. and He doesn’t want us to. all He asks is for our complete devotion and submission to Him. powerful πŸ™‚

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