Today we continue with the wisdom of ages. A favorite quote of mine from Marcus Aurelius in Meditations…one that I’ve shared with others for two decades:

Where does the common man go? Where does he live?

They [the common men]  seek for themselves private retiring places, as country villages, the sea-shore, mountains; yea thou thyself art wont to long much after such places.

Yes, so true. We think that the mansion on the hill will make us happy. We believe that the Time Share in the Tropics will bring us inner peace. We seek the “country village, the sea-shore, mountains” and so forth. The more things change, the more they stay the same. In Ancient Rome, many thought that they could buy their way into happiness.

You will find the seeds of contentment inside, but not the actual fruit.

And he continues…

But all this thou must know proceeds from simplicity in the highest degree. At what time soever thou wilt, it is in thy power to retire into thyself, and to be at rest, and free from all businesses. A man cannot any whither retire better than to his own soul;

Retire into thyself and be at rest.

The mansion is lying within your breastplate…the stairwell to Xanadu, leading into your consciousness. We turn on the television, hoping for answers. We thumb the pages of a periodical, praying for solace. Yet so much is futile. The search will always lead to a mirror.

The greatest mansion you have is lying within your soul.

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5 thoughts on “The Greatest Mansion You Have is Lying Within Your Soul

  1. I like this. When I was in jail for trespassing, I occupied myself with my own thoughts quite pleasantly. Currently, I’m awaiting a kind of transformation in my life that could result in my big and (future) big power, and it’s all a question of not being jittery, normative, or puckish.

    Major Styles makes a nifty point that reminds me of the fictional Hannibal Lecter. Locked up in his cell, he painted images of art from his memory. In one of the sequels, he has a “memory palace” as suggested to him by his Jewish tutor. When he is tricked into eating his little sister’s flesh (amusing vignette), that is the only time he seems to explode with energy. After that, his life is controlled and dispassionate — perhaps a little too much so.

    I continue to admire Major Styles for his persistence with his website and to urge him to continue. I am locked in frozen amber and mine is on hold, but fear not. I shall resume. X.

  2. I have been reading a longer stretch of back posts by you, Major, and I’m curious.

    How can you simultaneously believe in Carlyle’s Great Man views (which I heartily endorse) and yet
    talk about Christianity (“God”)? Don’t you know the C-religion is the Meek-religion. Turn the other cheek,
    be a good little bitch, render under Caesar, don’t BECOME Caesar …?

    Your thoughts…? Elaborate, please. X.

    1. “Don’t you know the C-religion is the Meek-religion. Turn the other cheek,
      be a good little bitch, render under Caesar, don’t BECOME Caesar …?”

      I endorse Martin Luther’s vision of Christianity…that the sword is needed to protect if from the invading Barbarians (as well as the Jewish usurpers). Also, I like Luther’s contempt for Judaism: it was very admirable.

      But I will grant you this…there are some weak spots in Christianity. That’ for sure. But when places beside Judaism and Islam, it’s the best option moving forward for the West.

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