A few nights ago, I was speaking to a poor woman. She was from a ghetto section of Latin America: aka, the “barrio.” Eventually, she told me something about her family:

Her father had 22 children.

  • Jokingly, I said “He must be rich.”
  • She rolled her eyes. “We never had anything growing up. And I still have nothing. He was never around anyway”

Academics love to speak on poverty. They say that it’s about racism. Or the say that it’s about corruption. Some even believe it’s a mindset: i.e. if we think positive, then we can become rich.

This is you…listening to the “experts” on the causes ofย  poverty.

Wrong! The truth is obvious, but it’s too offensive to say: it’s too impolite to mention. Let’s do away with the pretty lies…

Parental investment is the bedrock of financial success.

In the United States, we snicker at the idea of “a house with two kids.” We make it sound predictable and staid. Why be normal? Why follow the crowd? It’s better to be Carrie Bradshaw, bouncing between one-night stands (just ignore the venereal disease and the Cymbalta). Eventually, the game is old. You realize (or at least you should) that you’re living a lie. Hollywood has preyed on you, and you’ve rejected a prize.

And what’s the prize? Well, just look below…

two kids
More of this equals less poverty. It’s pretty simple.

Two parents, working together, provide a solution to poverty. They dedicate their time and resources to raising healthy children. And these children are more likely to become productive members of society. It’s basic. A simple reality, noted by every major religion.

Parental investment is the bedrock of financial success.

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