When I seek to fly…I listen to beauty of the ukulele. A simple piece of wood, containing an angel. The calming power of her strings. Oh the irony…that something so tiny can transport a giant to the clouds!

God bless the ukelele.  She’s a light on the Highway of Despair, leading us to the Bed of Salvation. She’s the gatekeeper at the Door of Tranquility.  Listen to the sound of a child smiling! Hear the music of a heart dancing, lost in the embryo of innocence!

Is there a God on earth? If so, HE is sleeping on the strings of a ukulele.

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6 thoughts on “On the Beauty of the Ukelele

  1. I have Ukelele music as my ringtone, 🙂

    I only know one person who plays it, and she only dabbles. I wonder that it isn’t more ppular among parents choosing music classes for their kids.

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