On the Greatness of John Fogerty

On the Greatness of John Fogerty

Recently, I got a chance to see John Fogerty in concert. I was reminded how iconic and talented he is. Often times, we hear about the greatness of a musician. Yet it seems like a rumor…some far-away reality. But when we see the artist in person, the truth of their name becomes apparent. We realize that we are looking at a GREAT MAN.

To recap, Forgerty does it all…

  • He writes number one hit songs
  • He plays all the solos
  • He sings well
  • He understands how to musically construct a song
  • He plays piano well
  • He plays the harmonica well
Fogerty can write music, sing, and play solos. Very few musicians can do ALL of these well.

Also, Fogerty is not a left-wing communist. True, he did write “Fortunate Son” back in the 1960s. This was a song that derided military service. However, we should not hold this against him. Making “anti-America” songs was the only way for an artist to become famous back then (note how Bob Dylan was only “relevant” to the press during the 1960s).

The song “Fortunate Son” allowed Fogerty to be accepted by the seditious media. He’s later atoned for his youthful idealism.

So Fogerty was applauded for making “Fortunate Son.” However, Fogerty has recently atoned for his youthful idealism. He recently collaborated on a pro-military song with country star Brad Paisley. By making the song, Fogerty is showing that his youthful idealism was a moment in time – he’s now a grown-up man.

In short, I recommend that you see John Fogerty in concert. America can be proud of its Fortunate Son. He is a multi-talented individual with an impressive body of work.

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Why You Should Install the “Kill News Feed” Option in Facebook

Why You Should Install the “Kill News Feed” Option in Facebook

Like so many others, I have a Facebook account…and it’s a love-hate relationship. On the positive side, it’s a great way to connect with acquaintances. On the negative side,  you’re presented with information that pollutes your mind: i.e. political ramblings, dinner photos, attention whoring, etc.

About a year ago, I found a wonderful solution. It’s an app, available through Google Chrome, entitled “Kill News Feed.” When you install the application, your Facebook wall will be removed. You won’t any postings (unless you choose to visit somebody’s page).

Your page will look something like this:

kill news
Your Facebook page will look like this after you install “Kill News Feed”

I found this to be a wonderful addition. Now, I only use Facebook for two reasons: 1.) To check my mail;  2.) To review the information from a small group of friends (3-4 people, really).

So that’s it…that’s all you have to do. Install “Kill News Feed” and watch as the Facebook wall die a slow – yet deserving – death. You’ll no longer have to see what a co-worker ate for dinner. You’ll no longer have to see your neighbor’s political ramblings. And you’ll no longer be accosted with fake news on the right-hand side of the page.

Here is a helpful video, for all you visual learners:

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Restaurant Review: La Puerta Falsa in Bogota, Colombia

Restaurant Review: La Puerta Falsa in Bogota, Colombia

I’ve been to La Puerta Falsa in Bogota several times…and it never disappoints. A few weeks ago, I brought my wife and child to my favorite Colombian eatery. Another winner! La Puerta Falsa is the oldest restaurant in Bogota (founded in 1816) and it oozes with charm. The best time to go is for breakfast.

What did the Major order? Very simple…

1.) Start with a hot chocolate, piece of bread, and piece of cheese:

bread and chocolate

2.) Then, move on to the Tamales:


3.) Finish it off with some Colombia desserts:

dulces de la puerta falsa

Needless to say, this is a day’s worth of food. I will usually have something small in the afternoon: i.e a piece of bread with coffee.

coffee and bread

Whoop…there it is. The perfect Colombian breakfast. It’s been shared by thousands of Colombians and tourists for well over a hundred years.

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Divide Your Resolutions into Categories

Divide Your Resolutions into Categories

Divide your resolutions for the new year into categories: i.e work, health, financial, etc. Attack a variety of goals. Move in on multiple positions. Make sure that every section of your life is excellent…don’t settle for anything less.

A man is not happy with a solitary victory – he always wants more. For example, you can become a millionaire; but if your romantic life is a failure, then you won’t be complete. You can have an amazing body; but if you’re financial failure, then you won’t be fulfilled. Just look at Robin Williams. He had more fame than a man could ask for…and yet it wasn’t enough. He committed suicide, leaving a wife and children behind.

So divide your resolutions into categories. And be sure to write them down. Goals that are not codified become dust in the wind…

2018 stands before you. Are you ready to attack?

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