I’ve been to La Puerta Falsa in Bogota several times…and it never disappoints. A few weeks ago, I brought my wife and child to my favorite Colombian eatery. Another winner! La Puerta Falsa is the oldest restaurant in Bogota (founded in 1816) and it oozes with charm. The best time to go is for breakfast.

What did the Major order? Very simple…

1.) Start with a hot chocolate, piece of bread, and piece of cheese:

bread and chocolate

2.) Then, move on to the Tamales:


3.) Finish it off with some Colombia desserts:

dulces de la puerta falsa

Needless to say, this is a day’s worth of food. I will usually have something small in the afternoon: i.e a piece of bread with coffee.

coffee and bread

Whoop…there it is. The perfect Colombian breakfast. It’s been shared by thousands of Colombians and tourists for well over a hundred years.

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11 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: La Puerta Falsa in Bogota, Colombia

  1. Local food, always the best! It beats the hell out of me why Brits abroad still seek out fish n chips, pie and chips …… and never experience local culture through food.

      1. Ron, we do it 100%, but you can get caught out! On a recent cruise, I went ashore alone in Cadiz, researching Jamon Iberico. I sat in a tapas bar, ordered a plate plus a Manzanilla. The waiter brought me a cup of Chamomile tea! I belatedly discovered that Manzanilla is not only a type of dry sherry ….. it’s a chamomile tea as well. Stupid Englishman!

      2. Ha! Good story. I am a fan of good Spanish food as well, for what it’s worth. Any Spanish restaurant worth its salt will have a leg of Jamon on display.

  2. Very charming looking place! I haven’t traveled abroad yet, but one of the good things about the US is that it is so big that you can enjoy regional cuisine even here. Seafood in the low country, Cajun in New Orleans (where my dad was from), excellent authentic Cuban in Miami, etc.

    We are always on the lookout for a small local dive when we travel.

    Good post, Major.

      1. LOL doubtful but I it does my black and twisted heart good to know Colombia is stable and peaceful enough for a man to take his family there.

      2. Yes, it’s quite nice actually (by Latin American standards). I did notice quite a few people smoking weed on the streets, which I never saw before – I’ve been to Colombia many times.

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