A few days ago, I saw the show Catfish at the gymnasium. I would never watch the show at home. However, in the public arena of a gym, I see things that I would otherwise ignore.

Catfish is a show on MTV. It’s about people that create fake online profiles, and it stars Nev Shulman and Max Joseph: two Jews from New York that look like they’ve been free-basing Estrogen for twenty years.

Wanna’ see the face of a man that goes to a Women’s March? Look no further…

They have no toxic masculinity…

To the red-pill observer, they’re your typical beta males. However, a closer look will reveal that Max Joseph is, perhaps, the biggest cuck we’ve seen in the last five decades.

I saw the following in the first four scenes:

  • In the first scene, Max is seated at a table next to a rainbow flag.
  • In the second scene, Max has a “Black Lives Matter” shirt.
  • In the third scene, Max is wearing a shirt that says “Feminist
  • In the fourth scene, Max is wearing a shirt that says “I Stand With Immigration

This is what an SJW universe looks like. You have no humor. You have no sophistication or beauty. All you have is protest.

MTV used to be about music…now it’s like everything else on TV: cannibalized by the SJW narrative.

It reminds of the Anita Sarkessian video, which recently made the rounds: “Everything is sexism, everything is racist, everything is homophobic.” Thankfully, somebody made a funny video to spoof her nonsense:

In summary, MTV is over. Just like every other great creation (i.e Disney, Star Wars) it’s been cannibalized by the counter culture. Now it’s like another dead animal on the Serengeti: the “Year Zero” vultures are finishing off its remains.

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