Years ago, I met a great woman (let’s call her Carol). She was kind and beautiful. Moreover, we had “chemistry”: a polite word for good sex. There was only one problem…

  • Carol was 44, divorced, and a mother of 4 children
  • I was 38, childless, and looking to start a family

Eventually, we had to “call it quits.” I was honest with her, telling her that I was looking to start my own family. Thankfully, Carol was mature and she understood my decision; we parted ways like two rational adults. It was a bit sad though (like many breakups are). However, my decision was based on the following idea:

A Man Should Never Compromise His Desire to Start His Own Family

Now, almost ten years later, I have the most beautiful daughter. She’s a carbon copy of me, which is a beautiful thing. And every day I thank God that she’s in my life…that the Good Lord has blessed me with a little angel.

daddy and duagher
Every day I thank God for my daughter…and she was only born because I had the courage to make a difficult decision.

Periodically, I think back to my time with Carol. If I would have continued with her (and followed my “emotions”) my daughter would not exist. Thankfully, I followed my logical side and I’m so much happier for it.

A man that wants his own family should never compromise. If he does, he’ll always wonder “What if?” He’ll always think about the road he never took: the mountain he never climbed. And the emptiness will lead to regret: a regret that, in the dead of night, will turn into an anger against his wife.

He’ll come to believe that his wife cajoled him against his will, forcing him to miss the Castle of his Dreams.

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6 thoughts on “A Man Should Never Compromise His Desire to Start His Own Family

  1. Those who want their own family should have one if it’s that important to them. However, I think blended families can be unique and special on their own as well.

  2. This is such a sweet, very truthful, post! It’s amazing what God can do in our lives when we give up fear and fully trust His promises! I’m so glad for you that you were able to find and create a family. My husband gets SO MUCH JOY from that, that he regularly tells me how he loves just seeing us together and reflect on that we’re **his**.

    Love it!!!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. Some might perceive the post as a bit harsh. But my intent was to affirm the good fortune that arrives from holding true to one’s goals.

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