Bob Dylan won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 2016. However, he received criticism from the Swedish Academy when he refused to acknowledge the award.

A member of the Swedish Academy…called this year’s Literature Prize winner, Bob Dylan, “rude and arrogant” for not expressing thanks for the prize, the academy says.

Eventually, Dylan wrote a “thank you” letter which was appreciative. However, it should be noted that he never presented the letter himself. Instead, he had Azita Raji, the United States Ambassador to Sweden, read the letter at the Nobel Banquet. Note: He could have easily recorded a recital of the message and uploaded it to YouTube (or paid somebody to do it for him).

I’ve long been a fan of Dylan, and I consider him a great songwriter. However, the truth is ugly and obvious…

Bob Dylan has been rude to his fans for several decades.

I saw Dylan several times in concert; and each time, he never acknowledged the fans or thanked them for coming. Moreover, my experience is similar to hundreds of people that saw him in concert as well. They all spoke of a man that was cold and disrespectful to the concertgoers. This leads to an important set of questions.

If you have no gratitude, then how great of a man are you? How can you truly be a leader of young men? How can you ignite the noble dignity of a nation?

Thankfully, the tide is turning. Here was the top comment regarding the story, which appeared in The Guardian  (465 up votes):

I walked out on his gig at the Byron Bay Bluesfest because of his total lack of engagement with the crowd. Maybe that’s his shtick, but if he couldn’t be bothered with us, I couldn’t be bothered with him. May as well have seen him on youtube.

KiwiInStraya (10/21/2016)

People are catching on. The solider inside of them is awakening, and they are ready to strike down the imposters of society. We no longer need to smell the farts of an disgruntled entertainer and call it perfume. We no longer need to listen to Hollywood blowhards when they preach to us (see the recent Twitter feed regarding Jim Carrey’s painting of Sarah Sanders). We’re in the middle of a culture war…and the Roman warrior must reclaim his culture from those that denigrate it.

A nation of great men should celebrate a scientist, an inventor, or a doctor, etc. It’s a sign a cultural degeneracy when a rude entertainer is filling that void.

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