This is a great book by Quintus Curtius, a pillar of Manosphere writing. His site is a great place to go for masculinity in history, and Major Styles stands in approval of his latest offering.

First published in 2014, Thirty-Seven defied conventional categorization and quickly achieved classic status. This seminal work—both supremely relevant to the modern era yet fervently evocative of the glories of ages past—contained the elements of a worldview that would be expanded and elaborated in the author’s later works Pantheon, Pathways, and in other writings.

For the first time, Thirty-Seven is now available as a professionally-read audio book.  British reader Saethon Williams has lent his considerable talents to the project, and has captured the spirit of the book with grace and clarity.

Those who are already familiar with the book will find that hearing it read aloud adds an entirely new dimension to the experience.  Those becoming acquainted with it for the first time will find it a window to a world that will become a lifelong refuge.

Thirty-Seven is now available on Audible, and will also be available on iTunes and Amazon within two or three days.

via The Audiobook Of “Thirty-Seven” Is Now Available — Quintus Curtius

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