Years ago, Saturday Night Live had a sketch called “How Much Do You Bench?” It featured a group of muscular men, taking phone calls from the public. The host would ask every caller the same thing: “How much do you bench?”

Here’s a clip:

The point of the skit was obvious – a man that cares too much about his body is a clown. A doofus. All body, no brains.

However, the show misses the mark for one reason:

The GREAT MAN values his body; therefore, he rejects any ridicule in this regard.

Today’s “entertainment” is method of subterfuge.  See how a GREAT MAN is undermined with satire. How his personal pride is demeaned by the media. Remember that we’re in a culture war: the weak are attacking the strong. Given this reality, we must to defend ourselves from media jackals; in the case of SNL, it’s the seditious Lorne Michaels (aka, David Lipowitz).

The question is simple, my reader….do you wanna’ look like this?


Or like this…

Woody Allen

A man’s physical strength is a sign of hard work. Personal pride. Dedication to a goal. To quote Nietzsche: “Excess of strength alone is proof of strength”

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5 thoughts on ““How Much Do You Bench?” is a Good Question

  1. Culture War … the weak are attacking the strong! I like that, must try and weave it into a post. But …. I once worked as a trainer in a spit & sawdust gym. Big blokes who could lift me overhead with one hand. But, reduce the weights to 1/3 body weight and I could smash all of them in endurance pressing, simple slow twitch fibres vs fast twitch fibres …. no contest. Who was the Great Man then?

    1. Very true, Dr. B. And truth be told, I am not “jacked” and, like you, do much better with the endurance lifting.

      I will have to do a new post…”How Many Reps Can You Do?” 🙂

  2. How much do I bench? More then you

    How many reps can I do? More then you

    As your strength/ speed increases, your strength endurance follows. When I was a 700 pound dead lifter I could dead lift 315 for pretty much 3 minutes non stop as it was less then 50% of my max work load. Enjoyed the shit out of embarssing the cross fit guys on that one….. well on a lot of things

    What I did like about the how much do you bench mindset is the thought that some how their non competitive gym time moves a man out of the soy boy sub group. Reckon when 80% of the population is a soy boy they got to dumb down the standard for masculine behaviour

    1. “When I was a 700 pound dead lifter I could dead lift 315 for pretty much 3 minutes non stop as it was less then 50% of my max work load. ”

      That’s pretty impressive, sir.

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