Today you reach for glory….

Because God created you…a child of HIS image. Will you let HIM down, or will you push to honor the gifts you’re given?

Because you’re given TODAY. So many could not come with you…so many friends and family members. You owe it to them to reach for the rainbow, to look within your soul for a spark of inspiration

Because you refuse the mediocre…you reject the Valley of Despair. You ignore the Voices of Defeat. ‘

You have a destiny with all that is wonderful…if only you believe it to be so!

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5 thoughts on “Today You Reach for Glory

  1. I am not sure the idea we will all achieve or should strive for glory is Bibical. There is something about that thinking which seems like new age mega church bullshit then Scriptural

    1. Traditional teachings were able to mix the positive with the shaming, to give them hope but also establish rules. Most of the new-age religions are “feel-good” philosophies aimed at divorced women and spineless men.

      *I’ve noticed that even Buddhism has been corrupted in this way (it’s a very rigorous religion with countless rules, and yet many on the left have morphed it into a “do what makes you feel good” philosophy).

  2. today … you give to God … today, you give yourself and everything you have to God … and let Him guide you and enable you to do whatever He desires for you to do, today.

    when i was a little girl i remember a preacher saying that before our feet hit the floor in the morning we should give our day to God. i’ve been out of that habit for a long time but should reinstate it.

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